Teddy Bridgewater meets ‘Hey, Teddy’ birthday boy after music video invited Minnesota Vikings QB

A 6-year-old boy’s YouTube rap inviting Teddy Bridgewater to his birthday worked.

Six-year-old Obadiah Gamble put together a YouTube video so good that it lured Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to attend the boy’s birthday party.

Gamble put together a well-done music video inviting Bridgewater to his birthday party and posted it on YouTube last week. Wearing a “Teddy Two Gloves” t-shirt and using signs and props, Gamble sang “Hey, Teddy! Hey, Teddy! Won’t you want to come to my birthday?” and included the words to the “Skol Vikings!” fight song while wearing a Vikings helmet.

Turns out, Bridgewater went to Gamble’s birthday on Wednesday but the quarterback declined to be interviewed, according to FOX 9. Still, an interview with Gamble made it clear that Bridgewater made the 6-year-old boy’s day.




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