Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater appears in follow-up birthday video

Teddy Bridgewater helped 7-year-old Obadiah Gamble create a new music video when attending the boy’s birthday.

Obadiah Gamble found a supporting cast for his newest video.

The boy who posted a hip-hop music video on YouTube last week inviting Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to his seventh birthday party got his wish … and got a new star to join his latest video.

Bridgewater attended Gamble’s birthday party on Wednesday, but Gamble created a new video posted early Friday morning in which Gamble modified the lyrics to his first song and this time included Bridgewater in the sequel.

As Bridgewater introduced himself to Gamble, he told the boy he saw his video and saw him playing the piano.

“Yep, I’ve got a lot of talent,” Gamble said.

“Yeah, I see,” Bridgewater responded.

But beyond the introductions, the two collaborated for a follow-up video, “Hey Teddy 2 (Thank U),” featuring “Teddy Two Gloves.”

http://www.scout.com/nfl/vikings/story/1669803-subscribe-today-member-be...  This time, Bridgewater pops out from behind a tree with the birthday cake cutout that Gamble used in his first video, and Bridgewater had one phrase in the video, answering Gamble’s original question, “What time is it?” This time, it was Bridgewater answering with “Skol Time.” Bridgewater is also shown serving the birthday cake to the table and playing paper football with Gamble.

In the follow-up video, instead of ending with the invitation to the birthday that Gamble posed throughout the first video, he finished with new lyrics:

“Hey, Teddy. Hey, Teddy. You made my dream come true today.”

Note: The follow-up video is above. Here is the original:


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