Minnesota Vikings podcast: Assessing QBs, big guys and more

The offensive line could be seeing a shift in starters, the quarterbacks have work to do and much more in assessing the second week of Vikings OTAs.

While the quarterbacks struggled early in the second spring practice open to the media, the big guys in front of them could be changing. 

After welcoming a new sponsor, Twill by Scott Dayton in the Galleria in Edina, Viking Update publisher Tim Yotter and Jim Souhan break down what they saw at Minnesota Vikings practice before getting into a big prediction and making fun of online shopping expeditions.

  • A changing of the right tackle?
  • What Andre Smith says
  • Quarterbacks struggle early
  • Cordarrelle Patterson might be showing it, not just saying it
  • The trash talking on the defensive line
  • The missing/injured players 

Plus, all the regular segments:

  • Stats of the week: The long receiver drought
  • The NFL is weird: Pro Bowl weirdness, Hall of Fame coolness
  • Predictions are stupid: A big, bold one for the G.M.
  • What’s irritating us: Accepting our golfing fate
  • Yotter grills Souhan: The Garnett/Hunter effects, “sock game,” Seinfeld pushups and online shopping savagery
  • Post of the podcast: About those “weapons” 

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