Jarius Wright becoming more of a leader for young Minnesota Vikings receivers

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jarius Wright has taken on more of a leadership role as he is now the most veteran receiver on the team.

The Minnesota Vikings have a lot of youth in their wide receiver corps, especially after parting ways with Mike Wallace earlier this offseason. The most veteran receiver on their roster is Jarius Wright, who is entering his fifth year in the NFL. 

After him, they have Charles Johnson and Cordarrelle Patterson, who have been playing for three years; Adam Thielen, who is entering his third year; Stefon Diggs and Isaac Fruechte, who are entering into their second year; Terrell Sinkfield, who has spent time in the NFL for a year and the Canadian Football League; and then Moritz Böhringer, Marken Michel, Troy Stoudemire and Laquon Treadwell are all rookies. 

Since there is so much youth and inexperience among the Vikings receivers, Wright has taken it upon himself to take more of a leadership role in the locker room and on the field. 

“Instead of just being more of an example leader, and leading by example, I’ve had to talk to them and be more vocal this year,” he explained. “It kind of feels good (being the old guy). Not against anything or anybody else, just getting a chance to be able to share my knowledge with the younger guys.”

Wright has been very impressed with all the young receivers so far through the organized team activities this offseason because they are all hard-working and all have a desire to learn. He said that they all listen to anything that he has to say and try to translate the advice he gives them out onto the field. 

He isn’t the only one doing teaching out on the field, though. All of the receivers do whatever they can with one another to try and help make them better. They all want to see each other succeed, so if someone sees another doing something wrong they will speak up and try their best to help them out. 

“We just hold each other accountable and no one takes it personal,” Wright said. “We’ve just learned to enjoy each other and have a great time together, no matter where or what we’re doing.”

The receivers do seem to have a lot of fun with what they are doing. They are often joking around with one another, or with the quarterbacks, and clearly enjoying themselves out on the field. 

The receiving corps, as a whole, has taken a lot of heat the past few seasons because they have not produced a 1,000-yard receiver since the 2009 season. Wright doesn’t think it’s too big of a deal, though, because there is a lot more that goes into being a good receiver than just racking up yards and they try to be good in every aspect. 

“We just want to contribute in every way we can,” he began. “You can talk about not having a 1,000-yard receiver or whatever - we went 11-5 last year. You can’t take that away. And we also have a great running back in Adrian Peterson, so you can’t take those two things away. If everyone is contributing, we can’t complain about not having a 1,000-yard receiver.”

http://www.scout.com/nfl/vikings/story/1675799-sunday-slant-coaching-con...  The wide receivers on the Vikings roster do appear to be an unselfish group of guys. They may be competing with each other for playing time, but they also want to see group success. If the team is winning, it is hard to find any one of them complaining about anything. They know they all have a role on the team and want to do anything they can to help the team win. 

If things start to get off track, though, Wright knows that it will be up to him, as the veteran receiver, to right the ship and get the young guys going in the right direction again. 


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