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Minnesota Vikings prank rookie Laquon Treadwell on 21st birthday

Teddy Bridgewater and Kyle Rudolph had a treat – or thousands of them – waiting in rookie Laquon Treadwell’s SUV for his 21st birthday.

On the day that Laquon Treadwell had good things to say about Teddy Bridgewater, the quarterback and tight end Kyle Rudolph turned against Treadwell on the rookie receiver’s 21st birthday.

With Bridgewater listening in on a Treadwell interview with the media following Wednesday’s Minnesota Vikings practice, the receiver was asked for something everyone should know about Bridgewater.

“He’s a comedian,” Treadwell said, smiling and knowing that Bridgewater was standing behind the cameras. “But he’s cool, man. He’s out here working hard and pushing us. He’s got a little swag to him.”

Bridgewater walked away calling Treadwell “impressive” with his answers, especially for a guy that just turned 21. Of course, Bridgewater likely knew what his next step was in conjunction with Rudolph. While rookies don’t get hazed much anymore, Treadwell’s 21st birthday offered an opportunity for his new teammates to pull a prank on him.


Yes, that’s reportedly 60,000 bags of fruit snacks piled high in Treadwell’s new SUV.

“Glad I'm only a rookie once @teddyb_h2o @KyleRudolph82 your donations are appreciated,” Treadwell responded on Twitter.

Rudolph posted the evidence that he and Bridgewater were behind the prank, posing proudly in front of the vehicle in the hours after the team’s practice.


“Free fruit snacks for everyone for the rest of the year.. Lol,” Treadwell posted later in the day.


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