Fans to vote for Minnesota Vikings games on YouTube

Minnesota Vikings fans are asked to vote for three full games that the NFL will place on YouTube.

Are YouTube ready for some old-school football?

The NFL is co-branding with YouTube this summer to upload three full three-hour broadcasts of games of each NFL team from decades past and it’s asking fans of each of the NFL’s 32 teams to vote on their three favorite games that will be uploaded before the start of the 2016 season.

The voting takes place by clicking HERE.

Here are your options for the Minnesota Vikings. If you need to be warned of spoiler alerts, at this point, that is your problem. 

Vikings vs. Eagles (Dec. 23, 1978) – An added bonus is that this the only Met Stadium option and the Vikings were on the last legs of their dominance – think Ali-Spinks II – and were battling in a division that wasn’t so much Black-n-Blue as it was somewhere between Black-n-either Mauve or Lavender. The Vikings needed this win to win the mild, mild Central Division with an 8-7-1 record. This was the last win of the season, but Fran Tarkenton was on his game. He completed 30 of 56 passes for 289 yards and four touchdowns. The game was decided by a missed extra point in a 28-27 Vikings win. Old-school rules in play.

Vikings at San Francisco (Jan. 9, 1988) – The 13-2 Niners were riding high with Joe Montana, looking for one last Super Bowl run. The Vikings scratched into the playoffs despite their scab scrubs from the 1987 strike putting up three convincing losses on the Vikings’ 8-7 record in the only year the NFL went eight-team conference tournament bracket-style. Montana started the game and got yanked after falling behind 20-3 at halftime. It was the Hall of Fame reel for Antony Carter. Coming off an historic game against New Orleans, he caught 10 passes for 227 yards and took a reverse for 30 yards. If it makes the final three, there won’t be many views in the Bay Area.

Vikings vs. Bears (Dec. 1, 1994) – In a Thursday night epic fight, the Vikings and Bears battled back and forth in a game that featured six lead changes and two ties. Cris Carter caught nine passes for 124 yards and two touchdowns – one that gave the Vikings a lead late in the fourth quarter and a 65-yarder that ended the game abruptly in overtime.

Vikings at Cowboys (Nov. 26, 1998) – A glorious kick in the teeth to Jerry Jones that resulted in his current flawless veneers. On Thanksgiving Day in Big D, before the first quarter was done, Randall Cunningham had three touchdowns of 50-plus yards – two to the same Randy Moss who had proclaimed a post-draft diss to Jerruh for passing on him seven months earlier. If you haven’t seen this one, don’t vote. If you have, do.

Vikings vs. Packers (Dec. 30, 2012) – Christian Ponder’s finest hour. If you vote for this one, unless you’re a Wisconsin detective looking to obtain an easy confession, it’s too soon. Adrian doesn’t get the record. Beating the Packers should now be routine. This one shouldn’t garner many (if any) votes when compared to the other distant beat-downs of eras gone by.

It’s up to you, Vikings fans. Make up your minds based on the evidence. You have four (oh, wait, five) games to choose from. Choose wisely.


  • The Vikings won their legal battle against Wells Fargo in a dispute in which the Vikings claimed the competing bank was trying to “photobomb” the landscape outside the windows of U.S. Bank Stadium. The order, signed by Judge Donovan Frank, said that Wells Fargo had to uninstall two existing rooftop signs within 30 days and can’t install mounted and/or illuminated rooftop signs. “We are pleased with the Court's ruling today that requires Wells Fargo to honor its written agreement with the Minnesota Vikings by removing all raised rooftop signage within 30 days and directs Wells Fargo not to install any mounted or illuminated rooftop signage in the future,” the Vikings said in a statement. “We appreciate Judge Frank's deliberate and thoughtful review of our request and his decision to uphold the written agreement.”
  • Former Vikings quarterback Tommy Kramer will be part of the annual “Guns vs. Hoses” charity softball game benefitting the West Fargo Police Department. The event, which is in its 24th year, includes former NFL and MLN alumni, will be held at 2 p.m. at Anderson Field Complex on the south side of Fargo.
  • Adrian Peterson is looking to sell his home north of Houston. His asking price is $8.5 million for the nine-acre property on which the house is located. His asking price is a little steep, since the appraisal price last year was $4.91 million. 

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