3 Minnesota Vikings plays make NFL’s top 10 long plays

The Vikings were involved in three of NFL Network’s top 10 long plays, but two of them were against Minnesota.

The Minnesota Vikings made NFL Network’s list of the “top 10 long plays in NFL history” three times, but only one of them involved the Vikings scoring.

The list doesn’t go in order of the length of touchdowns, so it is subjective. However, every one of the plays is 99 yards or longer.

The ones the Vikings were in:

No. 6: Cordarrelle Patterson’s 109-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in 2013. Patterson fielded the kickoff against the Green Bay Packers in the middle of the end zone 9 yards deep, picked up blocks in the middle of the field at the 15-yard line, and finished running wide open down the left sideline. It’s a record that can only be tied, not broken.

No. 4: Antonio Cromartie’s 109-yard missed field goal return for a touchdown in 2007. Playing against the San Diego Chargers in a famous game in Vikings history, Minnesota tried a 57-yard field goal at the end of the first half and Cromartie reached up to field the ball over his head in the back of the end zone, returning it all the way up the middle of the field. What you don’t see on that video clip, however, is that is the same game that Adrian Peterson ran over and through the Chargers for the NFL’s single-game rushing record – 296 yards on 30 attempts for a 9.9-yard average  in a 35-17 Vikings win. Like Patterson’s return, Cromartie’s return can never be broken, only tied.

No. 3: Tony Dorsett’s 99-yard rushing touchdown in 1982. Because of the length of the run, the 99-yard rush will also never be broken. With the line of scrimmage at the 1-yard line, Dorsett took a handoff in the end zone, exploited a hole up the middle and broke at least three tackles on his way to the 99-yard touchdown.

The top two returns – a 108-yard kickoff return and a 100-yard interception return – topped the list because of the circumstances. Both of those occurred in Super Bowls and neither of them against the Vikings.

It used to be that Vikings fans felt many of the highlights in NFL history happened against them, but it’s been almost a decade since they were on the bad end of one of these highlights with Cromartie’s feat happening in 2007.


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