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Minnesota Vikings rookie Laquon Treadwell getting Hall of Fame advice

Minnesota Vikings rookie Laquon Treadwell is receiving plenty of advice, some of it from Hall of Fame players, but he’s filtering through it all to make sure it fits him.

Before he ever takes so much as a preseason snap, Minnesota Vikings rookie Laquon Treadwell is receiving Hall of Fame advice.

Treadwell, the Vikings’ first-round draft choice this spring, fostered a relationship with Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter that continues to this day.

“He’s telling me to dream big. That’s what he told, just dream big and records are meant to be broken,” Treadwell said. “That’s encouraging to hear from him, one of the greatest ever to put on a Vikings uniform. He’s in the Hall of Fame and just to have him in my corner means a lot.”

Carter played for the Vikings from 1990-2001 and holds numerous team records, including most receptions (1,004), receiving yards (12,383) and touchdown catches (110).

Treadwell has worked with Carter in the past, but he said he didn’t get a chance to work with him between minicamp and the start of training camp, although they have continued to communicate.

“Just a lot of talks back and forth and a lot of encouraging words and just being in my corner. He’s helping me out,” Treadwell said. “… I can always get better and learn more from him. I don’t think he’s told me everything, but he’s showed me some stuff.”


While Carter can help the rookie with the finer points of playing receiver in the NFL, a future Hall of Fame player, Adrian Peterson, can’t speak too much about receiving. But Peterson knows the mental aspects of the game and physical preparation.

Treadwell learned first-hand during spring practices what kind of athlete Peterson is.   

“Just the first time I seen him run, it was like, ‘Wow!’ It was something I’ve never seen before. It’s an honor,” Treadwell said of playing with Peterson. “Honestly, it’s an honor. He’s been in my ear a lot, been my mentor helping me during the offseason. Telling me what I need to be doing, working on, and how to take care of my body. He’s been helping me a lot with the mental aspect of everything.”

Treadwell spent his time between minicamp and training camp working with his own trainer, David Robinson, in Dallas. The rookie receiver was one of the first to arrive in Mankato and was surprised to see how much Treadwell gear fans had at the ready for him to autograph.

He admitted there should be more of it the better he plays. Expectations are on the team to advance in the playoffs, but there are also expectations on him as a first-round pick.

“I just tried to get out here, be there early, leave late. It’s always helped me so I just try to stick to it,” he said.

And take in – but filter – all the advice he has been receiving.

“All the guys talk to me a lot,” he said. “They tell me things and I pick up on it and use what I can and take advice from whoever I can. It’s just got to be the right advice from me and it’s got to fit my situation.”



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