NFL To Announce Plans

With the majority of players and owners in favor of it, VU is being told the NFL is likely to go with a plan to retain its 16-game schedule.

For many Vikings fans, the prospects of losing tonight's scheduled Ravens game and still maintaining the six-team playoff pool seemed like a better idea for determining how the NFL moves ahead from last week's terrorist attack tragedy.

However, it's not going to happen, at least not according to a couple of sources of VU with the league. Apparently, the sentiment is overwhelming among players and coaches to play the full 16-game schedule and simply reduce the playoff field by two teams. While no word is official yet, the league is leaning toward making the decision to go with 16 games and force teams to fight it out for one wild card spot instead of three.

The office of Commissioner Paul Tagliabue is expected to make a decision Tuesday. VU will follow any action coming from the Commish himself, but buzz within the league office is solid -- 16 games, one wild card.

* The Bears now become the Vikings opponent and the inactivity will help them. As of now, the Bears don't have a single player on the roster nursing an injury.
* The Vikings are going to play a well-rested -- perhaps over-rested -- Tampa Bucs squad in Week Four. The Bucs have their bye week this week, so, when they face the Vikings in Week 4, they will have played just one game -- the opener Sept. 9 vs. Dallas.

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