Mike Zimmer’s classic stare makes commercial cut in NFL video

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer sang a little “Home Sweet Home” in an NFL commercial featuring the Motley Crue song, but only his scowl made the cut and that made it all the better.

Mike Zimmer knew the key words to the Motley Crue song “Home Sweet Home,” but him singing the words to that song didn’t make the cut in an NFL promotional video as part of the league’s “Football is Family” series.

Instead, with other NFL players, coaches and fans singing, lip-syncing or playing the air guitar to “Home Sweet Home,” the producer requested a classic Zimmer death stare.

“They had me sing afterwards. That’s what they wanted me to do was look like I was mad and upset. But afterwards, then they had me sing. I guess they didn’t put that in,” Zimmer said.

“They just said look like you’re pissed off. Actually, the guy called me and he says, ‘Hey, I want to put your ugly mug’ – this is his exact words – ‘I want to put your ugly mug in this commercial and …”

… And it’s important to note that the person making that request knew Zimmer from his days on the HBO show “Hard Knocks.”

Zimmer can have an intense stare, but he knows how to play it up, too.

“Oh, yeah. There’s been a few of those. There was a play in Chicago that first year, or maybe it was last year,” Zimmer said. “Harrison missed a tackle on the sidelines and it was the first play of the game and I’m like – I gave him one of those looks. Those guys know me, though.”


Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway and tight end Kyle Rudolph appear at about the one-minute mark of the video and construction workers at U.S. Bank Stadium appear at about the 1:25 mark. Zimmer’s stare interrupts the song at about the 1:55 mark.

Zimmer said he didn’t know what the song would be before the NFL crew arrived to film the commercial, but he did know the refrain of “Home Sweet Home.”

His singing didn’t make the cut, but it was a classic show-stopping moment when he appeared in the commercial, with the music suddenly ceasing for his intense scowl. Perhaps there should have been the insertion of another Motley Crue song, “Looks that Kill,” at that point.


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