Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson won’t play in preseason

Adrian Peterson said he decided against playing in the preseason, calling it a “collective” decision between him and Mike Zimmer.

Adrian Peterson continues to get plenty of work in practices, but he won’t be playing in the preseason, he said Thursday.

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said it would be up to Peterson whether or not he wanted to play in the preseason and Peterson said he “really thought about it, but ultimately just decided against it.”

He called it a “collective” decision.

“But ultimately, hey, (Zimmer) wasn’t going to force me to go out there and play,” Peterson said. “I’ve been doing it for a long time so he trusts me. He understood.”


There are two schools of thought on Peterson playing preseason games, something he hasn’t done since Zimmer arrived in Minnesota in 2014.

Proponents of it believe he would be sharper when it comes to starting out the regular season and build better timing with QB Teddy Bridgewater and a rebuilt offensive line. Opponents believe the injury risk isn’t worth it.

“There’s always good that you can get from being out there and getting reps, but there’s some bad as well,” he said. “Ultimately, it was like, at the end of the day, just make sure I know the playbook, take care of my body, make sure I’m getting my conditioning and I’ll be ready to play.”

One benefit if he would have played is greater familiarity with the timing of handoffs and blocking during running plays when Bridgewater is working out of the shotgun, but Peterson believes he is getting there already.

“It’s been going well. Just being more patient has always been the main thing to conquer that. I’m feeling comfortable taking runs out of the shotgun and I’m liking it more,” he said. “I was always against running out of the shotgun, but I think now that I’ve kind of switched and tweaked the way I approach it I think it’s been working out good.”



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