Minnesota Vikings podcast: Getting flipped off by a Packers fan

The Minnesota Vikings are working through injuries, but don’t expect sympathy from Packers fans, as one of them flips us off and then throws cheese curds at us as we discuss the state of the team.

As the Minnesota Vikings struggle their way through injuries to key players, there is little sympathy from one Packers fan, who throws food at Viking Update’s Tim Yotter and the Star Tribune’s Jim Souhan and then flips them off as they discuss the hot Vikings topics of the week:

  • Last snaps as Vikings for Adrian Peterson, Matt Kalil?
  • What the new injured reserve means
  • Which injury hurts more?
  • Can Ronnie Hillman contribute right away?
  • The safety concerns in Charlotte
  • What will Trae Waynes’ role be?
  • How loud was the new stadium?
  • What happened to “Let’s Go Crazy” after the TDs?
  • Where the Panthers excel
  • Key matchups 

Plus, the regular segments:

  • Stats of the week: Stefon Diggs’ speed, Vikings’ lack of rushing
  • The NFL is weird: Pete Carroll gets fined
  • Predictions are stupid: The strange case of Jarius Wright
  • What irritating us: Or what’s irritating Mike Zimmer?
  • Yotter grills Souhan: On the Gophers
  • Post of the podcast: What will A.P.’s injury do to the passing game?

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