Defensive Player Disappointing

A player the Vikings once had high hopes for is falling out of favor with defensive coordinator George O'Leary, and team sources say the Vikings have an interest in trading him.

The Minnesota Vikings were excited when they signed defensive end Lorenzo Bromell away from the Miami Dolphins prior to the 2000 season. Hoping that Bromell could build on his success in Miami, the pass rush-deficient Vikings believed they had landed a presence coming off the corner.

How quickly the tides can turn in the NFL, especially for a player that appears to have left his "A" game in South Florida.

Bromell hasn't produced in his time in Minnesota. He has fallen so far from the spotlight with the Vikings that he has become just another body, without much of a chance to resurrect what was a promising career -- not with the Vikings we should say.

When signing a five-year deal with the team for approximately $11 million, Bromell was ready to become a fulltime player, not the role player that he had been with the Dolphins. Some believed that Bromell was a product of the Miami system and his numbers were a reflection of the talent and defensive scheme played by the Dolphins.

Bromell struggled from the start in Minnesota. Getting off to a slow start with the team at the start of the 2002 season, Bromell never seemed to be a fit in Minnesota.

Now Bromell is on the verge of moving on and out, most likely back to that familiar place in Miami. The Vikings have not come to a decision on what they intend to do with Bromell, but the choices are limited -- keep him on the roster, hoping that he will buy in the defensive scheme, release the player, or trade him.

All three options are very much up in the air. Bromell has practiced with the team, and he even played in the Vikings' preseason victory over the Oakland Raiders Friday night.

According to team sources, Minnesota and Miami have discussed at length the possibility of sending the former Dolphin back to South Florida. At the present time, the Dolphins are in need of depth at the defensive end position and Bromell would be a natural fit.

Holding up a possible deal is the issue of compensation. The Dolphins do not want to absorb the approximate $1 million dollars that Bromell is scheduled to make this season. With the Vikings leaning towards not keeping Bromell on the roster in 2003, something will have to give. Bromell has fallen too far out of favor with the organization and especially with defensive coordinator George O'Leary. According to team sources, the coaching staff is down on Bromell due to the fact that he has numerous mental lapses, does not appear interested in learning and adapting to the new Vikings defensive scheme, and has had numerous incidents with O'Leary.

The Minnesota defense will be improved in the 2003 season, and we may see some heat being generated from the defensive end position, but Bromell's last ride may have already come to an end with the Vikings.

Stranger things have happened, as we all know too well when it involves the Vikings.

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