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Minnesota Vikings direct good social media burn to NFL on FOX

The Minnesota Vikings took their social media game to another level on Monday when they tweaked NFL on FOX for a photoshopped graphic of Sam Bradford’s head on Teddy Bridgewater’s body.

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Why the NFL on FOX used a photo of what is obviously Teddy Bridgewater’s body with the head and jersey number of Sam Bradford is a bit of a mystery. The photo was aired on Sunday’s Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys game to promote this Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles, which will air on FOX.

The Vikings traded for Bradford eight days before the regular season began, four days after Bridgewater was lost for the season with a knee injury, but Bradford has started four games for the Vikings since then, providing ample photos of him in a Vikings uniform.

Twitter user @_AustinTaylor tweeted the shot of the photoshopped graphic from FOX on Sunday, writing, “I guess it's really just Teddy Bridgewater in a Sam Bradford mask.”

Initially, the Vikings responded on Twitter referencing the Austin Taylor tweet with “@NFLonFox Have your people contact our people. We’ll get you a photo.”

But the Vikings took their social media tweaking to a new and fantastic level on Monday when they threw another jab FOX’s way, tweeting out great photos in American history with Sam Bradford’s head (with a helmet) on other iconic men. Take a look:

Well played, Vikings.


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