Minnesota Vikings coordinator George Edwards apologizes for ‘poor decision’

Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator said his decision to drive above the legal blood-alcohol level was a “poor decision” and a “one-time deal.”

Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator George Edwards apologized for his actions that led to his arrest in May on suspicion of drunken driving and called it a “poor decision.”

“I just want to say publicly, as I’ve done privately, that I apologize to our organization, our owners, our coaches, our players – everybody involved in this organization for any negative light that has been shined upon them because of this poor decision that I made,” Edwards said Thursday during his normally scheduled press conference. “It was definitely my responsibility. It was a poor decision on my part and I’ve taken the steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.”

Edwards was arrested in May, but the arrest wasn’t made public until earlier this week when the St. Paul Pioneer Press discovered the arrest record in Carver County and published the news. Edwards pleaded guilty to careless driving in August and the Vikings issued a statement this week saying he has fulfilled all the obligations and discipline put in front of him by the team and the court.

“Since (the arrest) I’ve followed the protocol. I notified the team right away, notified coach of it, followed the protocol and went through the steps that were necessary to be at this point right now,” Edwards said. “Since that point in time of making sure that I’ve taken care of everything that they’ve asked me to take care of. I have put it behind me to ensure that it doesn’t happen again and focused on what we’ve got to get done now.”

Head coach Mike Zimmer addressed the situation on Wednesday, saying that Edwards followed all the necessary steps after his arrest but indicated his job could be in trouble if he makes another similar mistake.

“If he messes up again, his future will be,” Zimmer said when asked if Edwards’ future would be in trouble after this year. “But right now he’s fulfilled all of his commitments.”

Edwards was asked on Thursday if he thought his arrest was a “one-time deal.”

“I don’t think it’s a one-time deal, I know it’s a one-time deal,” Edwards said.

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