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A 315-pound Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman as Peter Pan? For Sirles

Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Jeremiah Sirles is quite certain him in his emergency Halloween costume of Peter Pan will make it out on social media. We look forward with anticipation as he sheepishly awaits.

With Halloween less than two weeks away, it’s hard to make your way through any public location without getting some reminder that it’s coming – from pumpkins to window dressing to costume shops advertising what they have in stock.

Halloween itself won’t be an issue for the Minnesota Vikings. Instead of waiting for trick or treaters to arrive at their doors, the Vikings are going to be previously indisposed – they play the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football that week.

But, for one Viking, a pre-planned Halloween costume party may end up making him an Internet sensation that could easily go viral.

Vikings offensive lineman Jeremiah Sirles and his wife Emma are going as a classic movie couple to a pre-Halloween party being put on by some of Emma’s friends.

Given that Sirles is 6-foot-6 and checks in somewhere around 315 pounds, you would think there wouldn’t be a lot of wheelhouse options for a husband-wife Halloween tag-team costume.

Shrek and Princess Fiona? Check. King Kong and the blonde? Check. Beauty and the Beast? Sure. Sully and Mike Wazowski? Maybe. Baloo and a surprisingly hot looking Mowgli? Perhaps.

None of those options will be used by Sirles. When Jeremiah and Emma arrive to their destination for the party, they will be dressed as a pair of beloved Disney characters.

Who, you ask?

Peter Pan and Wendy.

Let that mental picture sink in for a second. Complete with pointy hat and green tights, Sirles will be portraying the boy who wouldn’t grow up inside a body that tops three bills on any scale.

It’s their first Halloween as husband and wife and Sirles is playing the role of the dutiful husband who has the last word in most decisions. Unfortunately, the last words are typically, “Yes, dear.”

“Obviously, it wasn’t my choice,” Sirles said with a scowl.

Peter Pan wasn’t even on the couple’s costume radar until earlier this week. They had decided to go as Max and the Wild Thing from the classic children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are.” Even then, the thought of Sirles as Max in a giant onesie with wolf ears and a crown could be the source of ridicule and jokes from his teammates. But the best-laid plans got scuttled when the costumes showed up.

Sirles opened the box and had a hard time containing his laughter. Emma’s costume wasn’t what either of them were expecting.

“The costume arrived a couple of days ago and it was huge – really huge,” Sirles said. “When I say huge, it made her look huge and she was having none of that.”

Emma was out of town on business, so Sirles contacted her to show her what they were supposed to be wearing and the plan got shot down fast.

“When she got a look at the size of the costume, that was that for the original idea,” Sirles said. “She was instantly like, ‘Nope, not doing it.’ She went into full panic mode because she is out of town all week.”

Sirles tried to comfort his frantic wife with the tact that newlyweds tend to have. It was his job to try to help fix the problem and agree to an idea for a Plan B costume.

Emma’s mind was running a mile a minute and Sirles was trying to be calm like the eye of the hurricane.

“It was a pretty hectic few hours,” Sirles said. “She was saying, ‘We’ve got to do this’ and ‘We’ve got to buy this.’ I told her, ‘Let’s do whatever we’ve got to do, babe.’ That’s how Peter Pan and Wendy came about and that was what we settled on.”

The obvious question that followed as the reporter attempted to erase the mental imagery of a 6-6 man in green tights was asked.

Did you have a say in the matter?

“No-o-o!,” Sirles said with a look that only a husband can empathize with. “She gave me a couple of options, but I definitely didn’t have a full say in the decision.”

Believe it or not, Peter Pan may have been the best of the options that were available to Sirles when panic turned into a potential solution.

“We could have done Mary Poppins and whatever that guy was – a chimney sweep or something like that,” Sirles said. “Then there was Curious George and Man in the Yellow Hat. I had no desire to be the Man in the Yellow Hat.”

So, in the days leading up to Halloween, the Sirles will be getting dressed up for a private gathering of friends to celebrate the holiday.

However, in the current era of technology, Sirles is already pretty convinced his costume won’t stay private for long. As much as he hopes it won’t happen, he’s already coming to grips with the fact that his costume is likely going to end up being viewed and passed along to the masses.

“I don’t think there’s any avoiding that,” Sirles said. “I’m sure it’s going end up on my social media eventually – if not mine, it will be on somebody else’s. I’m sure my wife will see to that.”

If it makes it back to his coaches and teammates, Sirles may wish he was one of the Lost Boys instead.

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