Minnesota Vikings podcast: Spielman, Bradford and more

The Minnesota Vikings are showing the fruits of some solid roster building and coaching. Their record, their stats and their depth prove it, as a talk with Rick Spielman showed.

The Minnesota Vikings are now the favorites to win the Super Bowl with a combination of roster building and coaching. Tim Yotter of Viking Update and Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune dive into the success that Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer have built through long hours, unlike Jim’s manly Swiffering tasks. Topics discussed:

  • A talk with Rick Spielman
  • Sam Bradford vs. Carson Wentz
  • The NFL makes fools of early predictions
  • Best players on Vikings defense

And the usual segments:

  • The injury report
  • Questions from social media and the Viking Update forums
  • Stat of the week: Bradford under pressure
  • The NFL is weird: The disgusting case of Josh Brown, Sam Ponder’s response, Aaron Rodgers’ sweater and why ratings are down
  • Predictions are stupid: The Vikings’ next (first) loss is when?
  • Yotter grills Souhan: On the Gophers and Lynx
  • Post of the podcast: Getting in the head of opposing QBs

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