Coaches Watching Tonight

While the established starters will likely see mere cameo appearances tonight, there are still starting jobs and roster spots to potentially be determined on performances tonight in the Vikings' final exhibition game.

The Vikings and Cardinals likely won't be pushing their starters too hard tonight. Like most teams, they will simply try to get the front-line players some work and avoid injuries.

But that doesn't mean the game is meaningless, as many have led fans to be believe. A dozen players for both teams will see their dreams of hooking on with their current team die by Monday, while others are still fighting to earn starting positions.

The Vikings are apparently settled at kicker with Aaron Elling, who will play the entire game and show he deserves to be the kicker on opening day. Other positions, especially free safety, are not so locked down. Mike Tice has not ruled out going to the waiver wire if this position isn't taken over by someone definitively tonight.

* CB Denard Walker and LB Henri Crockett are expected back in the starting lineup tonight.
* Arizona's anticipated opening-day RB starter Emmitt Smith has just four carries in the team's first three games.
* Arizona is 3-0 in the preseason.
* Look for former Viking Travis Prentice in uniform for the Cards. He leads Arizona in rushing this preseason.

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