Minnesota Vikings plan gifts for beaten-up sound man

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robison said he and Linval Joseph will plan to get something for the FOX sound guy they unintentionally leveled pregame.

Bernie Beaudry got his 30 seconds of fame when he unsuspectingly ran in front of the Minnesota Vikings tunnel just as the defense was running onto the field before Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals.


Beaudry, a sound man for FOX Sports, had a case of bad timing as he crossed right in front defensive end Brian Robison and nose tackle Linval Joseph as they were exiting the tunnel. Beaudry was leveled fully off his feet and onto his back, suffering some scrapes and a broken pair of glasses.

“Ol’ Bernie, man. He’s got to check both ways before he crosses the road, man,” Robison said Monday after viewing the video clip. “I heard he finished the game out, so hats off to him. That’s probably the hit of the year. I don’t think that’s going to be topped this year.”

Robison said he and Joseph are hoping to put together a gift for Beaudry after he was unintentionally tackled by the two of them.

“I’m going to try to get a picture of him getting leveled by me and Linval and autograph it and send it to him and maybe send him a few other deals to hopefully ease the pain a little bit,” Robison said.

Beaudry went through with his task for the game, holding the parabolic microphone to capture the sounds of the game.




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