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Minnesota Vikings and the 100-yard touchdown club

The Minnesota Vikings tied an NFL record for most plays of 100 or more yards in a game a week ago, but how many have been registered in franchise and NFL history? We detail them both.

With the Minnesota Vikings tying an NFL record by having two plays of 100 yards or more in a game vs. Arizona on Nov. 20, we put together a list of all the 100-yard plays in NFL history.  There have been a total of 197 plays.  Arizona and Detroit are tied at the top with 13 apiece, and the Vikings are third with 11. 

Since it is impossible to have 100-yard plays from scrimmage, there are only five ways of getting a 100-yard play: interception return, fumble return, missed field goal return, kickoff return or punt return. 

34 INTERCEPTIONS - 100+ Yards

108t Ed Reed Baltimore vs. Philadelphia, 11/23/2008

106t Ed Reed, Baltimore vs. Cleveland, 11/7/2004

103t Vencie Glenn, San Diego vs. Denver, 11/29/1987

103t Louis Oliver, Miami vs. Buffalo, 10/4/1992

102t Marcus Coleman, Houston vs. Kansas City, 9/26/2004

102t Louis Breeden, Cincinnati vs. San Diego, 11/8/1981

102t Lito Sheppard, Philadelphia vs. Dallas, 10/8/2006

102t Greg Toler, Arizona vs. Detroit, 12/16/2012

102t Gary Barbaro, Kansas City vs. Seattle, 12/11/1977

102t Erich Barnes, N.Y. Giants vs. Dallas, 10/15/1961

102t Eddie Anderson, L.A. Raiders vs. Miami, 12/14/1992

102t Donald Frank, San Diego vs. L.A. Raiders, 10/31/1993

102t Bob Smith, Detroit vs. Chicago, 11/24/1949

102t Artrell Hawkins, Cincinnati vs. Houston, 11/3/2002

101t Tony Greene, Buffalo vs. Kansas City, 10/3/1976

101t Tom Pridemore, Atlanta vs. San Francisco, 9/20/1981

101t Lito Shepard, Philadelphia vs. Dallas, 11/15/2004

101t Henry Carr, N.Y. Giants vs. Los Angeles, 11/13/1966

101t Bryant Westbrook, Detroit vs. New England, 11/23/2000

100t Xavier Rhodes, Minnesota vs. Arizona, 11/20/2016

100t Vern Huffman, Detroit vs. Brooklyn, 10/17/1937

100t Tom Janik, Buffalo vs. N.Y. Jets, 9/29/1968

100t Tim Collier, Kansas City vs. Oakland, 12/28/1977

100t Sean Smith, Kansas City vs. Buffalo, 11/3/2013

100t Mike Gaechter, Dallas vs. Philadelphia, 10/14/1962

100t Leslie Duncan, San Diego vs. Kansas City, 10/15/1967

100t Jimmy Hitchcock, New England vs. Miami, 11/23/1997

100t Darrelle Revis, N.Y. Jets vs. Miami, 10/17/2011

100t Chris Houston, Detroit vs. Denver, 10/30/2011

100t Chris Carr, Oakland vs. Pittsburgh, 10/29/2006

100t Brodney Pool, Cleveland vs. Baltimore, 11/18/2007

100t Brock Marion, Miami vs. Buffalo, 1/6/2002

100t Barry Wilburn, Washington vs. Minnesota, 12/26/1987

100t Aaron Glenn, N.Y. Jets vs. Miami, 9/15/1996


4 FUMBLE RETURNS - 100+ Yards

104t Jack Tatum, Oakland vs. Green Bay, 9/24/1972

103t Aeneas Williams, Arizona vs. Washington, 11/5/2000

102t Travis Davis, Pittsburgh vs. Carolina, 12/26/1999

100t Chris Martin, Kansas City vs. Miami, 10/13/1991



109t Antonio Cromartie, San Diego vs. Minnesota, 11/4/2007

108t Delvin Hester, Chicago vs. N.Y. Giants, 11/12/2006

108t Nathan Vasher, Chicago vs. San Francisco, 11/13/2005

107t Chris McAlister, Baltimore vs. Denver, 9/30/2002

104t Aaron Glenn, N.Y. Jets vs. Indianapolis, 11/15/1998

101t Al Nelson, Philadelphia vs. Dallas, 9/26/1971

100t Al Nelson, Philadelphia vs. Cleveland, 12/11/1966

100t Ken Ellis, Green Bay vs. N.Y. Giants, 9/19/1971


1 PUNT RETURN - 100+ Yards

103t Robert Bailey, L.A. Rams vs. New Orleans, 10/23/1994


150 KICK RETURNS - 100+ Yards

109t  Cordarrelle Patterson, Minnesota vs. Green Bay, 10/27/2013

108t Randall Cobb, Green Bay vs. New Orleans, 9/8/2011

108t Knile Davis, Kansas City vs. Denver, 12/1/2013

108t Jacoby Jones, Baltimore vs. Pitttsburgh, 11/2/2014

108t Jacoby Jones, Baltimore vs. Dallas, 10/14/2012

108t Ellis Hobbs, New England vs. N.Y. Jets, 9/9/2007

108t David Johnson, Arizona vs. Chicago, 9/20/2015

107t Josh Huff, Philadelphia vs. Tennessee, 11/23/2014

107t Joe McKnight, N.Y. Jets vs. Baltimore, 10/2/2011

106t Brad Smith, N.Y. Jets vs. Indianapolis, 12/27/2009

106t Roy Green, St. Louis vs. Dallas, 10/21/1979 

106t Noland Smith, Kansas City vs. Denver, 12/17/1967

106t Al Carmichael, Green Bay vs. Chicago, 10/7/1956

105t Tyler Lockett, Seattle vs. Chicago, 9/27/2015

105t Trindon Holliday, Denver vs. Philadelphia, 9/29/2013

105t Cordarrelle Patterson, Minnesota vs. Chicago, 9/15/2013

105t Jacoby Jones, Baltimore vs. Oakland, 11/11/2012

105t Trindon Holliday, Denver vs. Cincinnati, 11/4/2012

105t Percy Harvin, Minnesota vs. Detroit, 9/30/2012

105t Darius Reynaud, Tennessee vs. Detroit, 9/23/2012

105t Stefan Logan, Detroit vs. St. Louis, 10/10/2010

105t Terry Fair, Detroit vs. Tampa Bay, 9/28/1998

105t Travis Williams, Los Angeles vs. New Orleans, 12/5/1971

105t Eugene Morris, Miami vs. Cincinnati, 9/14/1969

105t Jon Arnett, Los Angeles vs. Detroit, 10/29/1961

105t Timmy Brown, Philadelphia vs. Cleveland, 9/17/1961

105t Abe Woodson, San Francisco vs. Los Angeles, 11/8/1959

105t Ollie Matson, Chicago Cardinals vs. Washington, 10/14/1956

105t Frank Seno, Chicago Cardinals vs. N.Y. Giants, 10/20/1946

104t Cordarrelle Patterson, Minnesota vs. Arizona, 11/20/2016

104  Ameer Abdullah, Detroit vs. Green Bay, 11/15/2015

104t Devin McCourty, New England vs. N.Y. Jets, 10/21/2012

104  Percy Harvin, Minnesota vs. Atlanta, 11/27/2011

104t Allen Rossum, San Francisco vs. Arizona, 11/10/2008

104t Andre Davis, Houston vs. Jacksonville, 12/30/2007

104t Aundrae Allison, Minnesota vs. Detroit, 12/2/2007

104t Terrance McGee, Buffalo vs. Miami, 12/5/2004

104t Ira Matthews, Oakland vs. San Diego, 10/25/1979

104t Travis Williams, Green Bay vs. Los Angeles, 12/9/1967

104t Carl Ward, Cleveland vs. Washington, 11/26/1967

104t Ken Hall, Houston vs. N.Y. Titans, 10/23/1960

104t Claude Young, Baltimore vs. Philadelphia, 11/15/1953

103t Percy Harvin, Minnesota vs. San Diego, 9/11/2011

103t David Reed, Baltimore vs. Houston, 12/13/2010

103t Brandon Tate, New England vs. Miami, 10/4/2010

103t Joshua Cribbs, Cleveland vs. Kansas City, 12/20/2009

103t Darren Sproles, San Diego vs. Denver, 9/14/2008

103t Terrance McGee, Buffalo vs. Dallas, 10/8/2007

103t Justin Miller, N.Y. Jets vs. Indianapolis, 10/1/2006

103t Tony Horne, St. Louis vs. Atlanta, 10/15/2000

103t Bob Gresham, Houston vs. Cincinnati, 9/23/1973

103t George Hoey, St. Louis vs. Philadelphia, 11/21/1971

103t Gale Sayers, Chicago vs. Pittsburgh, 9/17/1967

103t Abe Woodson, San Francisco vs. Minnesota, 9/15/1963

103t Herb Adderley, Green Bay vs. Baltimore, 11/18/1962

103t Keith Lincoln, San Diego vs. N.Y. Titans, 9/16/1962

103t Tom Wilson, Los Angeles vs. Baltimore, 11/25/1956

103t Lenny Lyles, Baltimore vs. Chicago, 10/4/1958

103t Russ Craft, Philadelphia vs. Los Angeles, 10/7/1950

102  Benny Cunningham, St. Louis vs. Tampa Bay, 12/17/2015

102t Chris Polk, Philadelphia vs. Washington, 9/21/2014

102t C.J. Spiller, Buffalo vs. Miami, 9/14/2014

102t Ted Ginn Jr., San Francisco vs. Seattle, 9/11/2011

102t Eric Weems, Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay, 12/5/2010

102t LaRod Stephens-Howling, Arizona vs. Oakland, 9/26/2010

102t Johnny Knox, Chicago vs. Detroit, 10/4/2009

102t Tony Horne, St. Louis vs. Atlanta, 11/29/1998

102t Eric Bieniemy, Cincinnati vs. N.Y. Giants, 10/26/1997

102t Eric Guliford, New Orleans vs. St. Louis, 8/31/1997

102t Mel Gray, Detroit vs. Chicago, 10/23/1994

102t Alexander Wright, Dallas vs. Atlanta, 12/22/1991

102t Curtis Brown, Buffalo vs. Baltimore, 9/24/1978

102t Harold Hart, Oakland vs. Miami, 9/22/1975

102t Larry Jones, Washington vs. Philadelphia, 11/24/1974

102t Ron Jessie, Detroit vs. Chicago, 10/24/1971

102t Preston Pearson, Baltimore vs. Detroit, 11/10/1968

102t Charlie Warner, Buffalo vs. Boston, 11/7/1965

102t Leroy Bolden, Cleveland vs. Chicago Cardinals, 10/26/1958

102t Doug Russell, Chicago Cardinals vs. Cincinnati, 9/23/1934

101t Cordarrelle Patterson, Minnesota vs. Seattle, 12/5/2015

101t Rashad Ross, Washington vs. N.Y. Giants, 9/24/2015

101t Chris Williams, Chicago vs. Green Bay, 11/9/2014

101t Deji Karim, Indianapolis vs. Houston, 12/30/2012

101t Kealoha Pilares, Carolina vs. Detroit, 11/20/2011

101t Jacoby Ford, Oakland vs. Cleveland, 10/16/2011

101t Jacoby Ford, Oakland vs. Miami, 11/28/2010

101t Leon Washington, Seattle vs. San Diego, 9/26/2010

101t Ted Ginn Jr., Miami vs. N.Y. Jets, 11/1/2009

101t Joshua Cribbs, Cleveland vs. Kansas City, 12/20/2009

101t Percy Harvin, Minnesota vs. San Francisco, 9/27/2009

101t Derrick Mason, Tennessee vs. Cincinnati, 11/18/2001

101t Tony Horne, St. Louis vs. Atlanta, 10/17/1999

101t Brian Mitchell, Washington vs. San Diego, 12/6/1998

101t Roell Preston, Green Bay vs. Minnesota, 10/5/1998

101t Terry Fair, Detroit vs. Green Bay, 9/6/1998

101t Leon Johnson, N.Y. Jets vs. Tampa Bay, 12/14/1997

101t Terry Kirby, San Francisco vs. Carolina, 11/16/1997

101t Eric Metcalf, Cleveland vs. Houston, 12/9/1990

101t Mel Gray, New Orleans vs. San Francisco, 9/21/1986

101t James Owens, San Francisco vs. Detroit, 11/2/1980

101t Raymond Clayborn, New England vs. Baltimore, 12/18/1977

101t Cotton Speyrer, Baltimore vs. Buffalo, 11/25/1973

101t Wallace Francis, Buffalo vs. Philadelphia, 10/7/1973

101t Ike Thomas, Dallas vs. N.Y. Jets, 12/4/1971

101t Dave Hampton, Green Bay vs. Minnesota, 10/4/1970

101t Don McCall, Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota, 11/23/1969

101t Lance Rentzel, Minnesota vs. Baltimore, 11/14/1965

101t Amos Marsh, Dallas vs. Philadelphia, 10/14/1962

101t Leon Burton, N.Y. Jets vs. Oakland, 10/28/1960

101t Ollie Matson, Chicago Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh, 11/23/1958

101t Lenny Lyles, Baltimore vs. Washington, 10/26/1958

101t Bill Jefferson, Detroit vs. Chicago, 11/23/1941

100t Dwayne Harris, N.Y. Giants vs. Dallas, 10/25/2015

100t Joe McKnight, N.Y. Jets vs. Houston, 10/8/2012

100t Ted Ginn Jr., Miami vs. N.Y. Jets, 11/1/2009

100t Quintin Demps, Philadelphia vs. Baltimore, 11/23/2008

100t Joshua Cribbs, Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh, 11/11/2007

100t Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville vs. New Orleans, 11/4/2007

100t Glenn Holt, Cincinnati vs. Buffalo, 11/4/2007

100t Rock Cartwright, Washington vs. Dallas, 9/17/2006

100t Rod Smart, Carolina vs. New Orleans, 10/5/2003

100t Josh Scobey, Arizona vs. St. Louis, 9/28/2003

100t Dante Hall, Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh, 9/14/2003

100t Reggie Swinton, Dallas vs. Philadelphia, 9/22/2002

100t Darrick Vaughn, Atlanta vs. Denver, 9/10/2000

100t Michael Bates, Carolina vs. Atlanta, 10/31/1999

100t Aaron Craver, New Orleans vs. Minnesota, 11/8/1998

100t Roell Preston, Green Bay vs. Detroit, 9/6/1998

100t Jon Vaughn, New England vs. Cincinnati, 12/20/1992

100t Deion Sanders, Atlanta vs. San Francisco, 10/31/1991

100t Gerald McNeil, Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh, 10/5/1986

100t Aundra Thompson, Green Bay vs. N.Y. Jets, 11/4/1979

100t Dennis Pearson, Atlanta vs. St. Louis, 12/17/1978

100t Raymond Clayborn, New England vs. N.Y. Jets, 10/02/1977

100t Larry Krause, Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh, 12/6/1970

100t Mark Washington, Dallas vs. Washington, 11/22/1970

100t John Gilliam, St. Louis vs. Green Bay, 12/21/1969

100t Max Anderson, Buffalo vs. Cincinnati, 9/22/1968

100t Nemiah Wilson, Denver vs. Kansas City, 10/8/1966

100t Goldie Sellars, Denver vs. Houston, 10/2/1966

100t Mel Renfro, Dallas vs. San Francisco, 11/7/1965

100t Clarence Childs, N.Y. Giants vs. Minnesota, 12/6/1964

100t Timmy Brown, Philadelphia vs. St. Louis, 9/22/1963

100t Art Baker, Buffalo vs. Houston, 9/9/1962

100t Pat Studstill, Detroit vs. Chicago, 9/26/1961

100t Don Bingham, Chicago vs. Los Angeles, 11/18/1956

100t Al Carmichael, Green Bay vs. Cleveland, 10/23/1955

100t Bill Bowman, Detroit vs. Chicago, 9/26/1954

100t Ollie Matson, Chicago Cardinals vs. Chicago, 10/5/1952

100t Emlen Tunnell, N.Y. Giants vs. N.Y. Yanks, 11/4/1951


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