Bromell Likely To Lead Cuts

While Sunday likely won't be the end of DE Lorenzo Bromell's NFL career, VU has been told that, barring an 11th hour change of heart, it will be the end of his Vikings career.

When the Vikings signed Lorenzo Bromell, the plan was that he would fill a void on the lackluster Vikings defensive front.

It now looks like he is merely a continuation of an ongoing problem.

The Vikings, along with the other 31 NFL teams, have to announce their final cuts by mid-afternoon Sunday. From what VU is being told, Bromell will likely be among the players released.

After being a disappointment last year, Bromell has been replaced in the preseason by linebacker Nick Rogers in some situational areas. After signing a five-year, $11 million deal, he was hoped to fill a void in the Vikings defensive scheme, even though VU criticized the move from the outset -- citing that Bromell was best suited in run defense than being an aggressive pass rusher. With the drafting of Kevin Williams, who shifted fellow former Dolphin Kenny Mixon to Bromell's spot in run defense, he became a man without a position.

VU has learned that the Vikings have been offering Bromell as trade bait for a low-round draft pick, but that his salary is too much for many teams to absorb. While he will likely be claimed by a team once the official announcements of cuts are made, it will likely be for the veteran minimum -- which explains why nobody has come forward to accept a trade bid.

Barring something unforseen, Bromell will be on the final cut list. It won't be the end of his NFL career -- just the end as it pertains to the Vikings.

* In some sad news, Vikings DB Jack Brewer is likely out at least a month and perhaps as long as the Vikings bye week after five games with a chest injury. Vikings medicos have told VU the official injury is to his sternoclavicular joint -- a joint just below the collarbone. While Brewer wasn't in the running for a starting job at safety, he was viewed by many as one of the team's top special teams players. With the problems the Vikings have suffered on special teams, losing Brewer is more significant than might meet the eye of the casual observer.
* Flash back to 1998. Vikings fans all hyped up on Randy Moss buy No. 18 jerseys -- the number Moss wore in preseason. Once the regular season hit, he switched to No. 84. Hopefully, fans learned from that and didn't buy No. 14 jerseys for rookie Nate Burleson. He's switched to No. 81, which is somewhat hard to believe. Not only did WR Anthony Carter wear the number, but, after Carl Eller retired, it should have mothballed.
* Forbes Magazine is listing the value of the Vikes at $542 million -- a jump of nearly 25 percent from last year. Even with the drastic jump, the Vikes are ranked by the magazine as just 30th in the NFL -- ahead of only Atlanta and Arizona.
* Former Vikings OL Corbin Lacina was released by the Patriots Friday.
* Ken Irvin, the scheduled starter for the Vikings at cornerback, has returned to practice after dislocating his right big toe two plays into his official Vikings tenure. While he won't start the opener vs. the Packers, he hopes to be available to play as a nickel back. Considering that the Packers intend to throw 30-40 passes Sept. 7, he may be needed more than some might think. Irvin at 80 percent may be better than other options at 100 percent in passing situations.
* When the cuts arrive on Sunday, two players who may find themselves in a roster battle are RBs John Avery and Larry Ned. When training camp opened, Ned was touted by Mike Tice as a potential starter -- since proven to be a Mighty Wind. Because Avery has more usefulness as a receiver and return man, he may have the edge.
* As reported last week, it looks like all seven of the Vikings draft picks will survive the final cuts.

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