Fan Forum: Best Minnesota Vikings Christmas present

Fans have all kinds of treasured Vikings-centric gifts they have received.

We all know some people who are difficult to shop for at Christmas, but if you are reading this, we can assume any gift with even a hint of Vikings purple will win your approval. With the holiday season in mind, we asked the following:

Fan Forum question: “What was the best Viking-related Christmas gift you ever received?” 

“Probably a Vikings blanket I got a few years ago. It’s around me most games, especially late in the season.”
– Gary Urban, Winona, Minn.

“Even though I didn’t get it, it would have to be my wife’s Viking sweatshirt that she got from my son. It was from the heart.”
– Jeff Eul, Rosemount, Minn.

“An authentic NFL jersey signed by the best quarterback to ever play the game, Sir Francis Tarkenton. I’ve had that a long time. His records might have been broken but he was fantastic to watch play.”
– Jerry Flemming, Roseville, Minn.

“A signed football from Cris Carter. I probably got that about 10 years ago. I got it from my folks and I didn’t ask where they got it from, but it’s authentic. They got the card and I’m very happy with it.”
– Todd Harrington, Shoreview, Minn.

“Tickets to a game. It was years ago, but it was a fantastic game and memory.”
– Melissa Leitner, Chanhassen, Minn.

“Viking zubaz pants a couple of Christmases ago from my kids.”
– Brian Stangeland, St. Paul, Minn.

“It was probably tickets to a game when I lived in the Chicago area. I got tickets to a Bears versus Vikings game at Soldier Field. I don’t remember what year it was, but it was probably close to 25 years ago. Unfortunately, the right team didn’t win.”
– Jeff Pascal, Eau Claire, Wis.

“Vikings attire of some sort. Some sort of clothing obviously. Whatever I get, I love.”
– Danny Trelow, Duluth, Minn.

“Back about a dozen years ago, I got a Viking helmet signed by John Randle. I loved watching him play. His heart, his drive and just the way he played with so much love for the game. He was the best.”
– Kevin McCauley, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“An authentic Randy Moss away jersey. I got that probably about the 2000 season from my wife. I actually just wore it a couple of games ago.”
– Tim Fausnaugh, Mason City, Iowa

“Probably my Vikings season tickets. My mother gave me money years ago as a Christmas present and I used that money to buy my first season tickets. I’m thinking it was 1998 or ’99.”
– Molly Hintz, Mazeppa, Minn.

“I’d have to say my foamy Viking helmet with the horns. I got it from my brother-in-law about 10 years ago.”
– Tim Arens, Hutchinson, Minn.

“I would have to say it was a game jersey for my favorite player of all time, Joey Browner. I got that back in the mid-80s. And yes, I still have it, but it doesn’t fit anymore.”
– Rick Klimek, Superior, Wis.

“Probably some type of clothing I get every year from my in-laws. They give me something because they know I’m a season ticket holder. If they get me that, they can’t go wrong.”
– David Grabowski, Anoka, Minn.

“I got a Vikings blanket about two years ago. I still have it and I’ve used it in a couple of cold games the past two years – the Giants and Seattle in particular last season.”
– Troy Gordon, St. Paul, Minn.

“My best Viking present occurred last year when my wife and my son gave me a brick with my name on it in the concourse in the new U.S. Bank Stadium.”
– Jeff Holden, Eau Claire, Wis.

“I’d have to say a little flashy, blinky thing that hangs in the back window of my truck so that whenever I put the brake lights on, the little Vikings logo lights up in the back of my window. I got it two years ago. My mom loves me. She takes care of me.”
– Tony Korthaus, Eden Prairie, Minn.

“Probably my phenomenal knitted sweater from my grandma (he was wearing it). She put a lot of love in to it. I got it about four years ago. I pose for a lot of pictures with it.”
– Danny Grimes, Dumont, Minn.

“I’m wearing them right now – the Vikings zubaz I’ve had for three seasons. They are with me every game.”
– Rob Barsness, Bemidji, Minn.

“I got a Daunte Culpepper jersey. It was an authentic jersey and I still have it, but I haven’t worn it since he left. It’s hanging in my closet, although it doesn’t quite fit the same anymore.”
– Michael Larson, Brooklyn Park, Minn.

“It was to myself at the Seattle game last year but I won an autographed Adrian Peterson jersey. It was kind of a Christmas present to me.”
– Michael Henthorne, Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

“A Chuck Foreman jersey when I was eight from Santa Claus. Unfortunately, I don’t have it any more.”
– Nick Blomquist, St. Cloud, Minn.

“My Ahmad Rashad jersey that I got when I was a kid. I wish I would have hung on to it and I didn’t because I would have given it to my son, but he doesn’t know who Ahmad Rashad is.”
– Rob Zweber, Eden Prairie, Minn.

“Having grown up a lifelong Viking fan going back to the first season in 1961, I remember all those Super Bowl teams. The reason I became such a Viking fan is because of the Purple People Eaters. Years ago, I received a framed, signed color photo of all four of them – Alan Page, Carl Eller, Jim Marshall, and Gary Larsen – in their game uniforms. I look at that picture next to my TV every time I watch the Vikings.”
– Alan Byrne, Omaha, Neb.

“My Viking leather jacket that I got from my mother about 15 years ago. She died at 102 and I still wear it proudly.”
– Charlie Robinson, Inver Grove Heights, Minn.


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