Bromell Leads List of Cuts

As expected, Lorenzo Bromell didn't get to collect on most of his five-year, $11 million deal signed in 2002 with the Vikes. However, the 53-man roster isn't locked and loaded just yet.

Last week, VU was told the chances of Lorenzo Bromell remaining with the Vikes were growing dim. Thursday night, his fate was sealed.

Bromell was among 13 cuts announced Sunday. He is joined by defensive players S Ron Israel, CB Carey Scott and LB Max Yates, along with several on offense, including RBs Larry Ned and James Wofford, TE Ben Steele, OLs Jon Carman, Adam Haayer and Adam Goldberg and WRs Robert Baker and Ben Nelson.

After clearing waivers, the Vikings can assemble their practice squad of five players. But, tonight was spent perusing the waiver list of other teams, which may or may not impact the final 53-man roster for the Vikes.

While the team is being tight-lipped about players they may have an interest in, VU has heard there are at least a couple of players the Vikings have an ongoing interest in bringing in. Stay tuned.

* From the "Hey Moron" Department comes this: The Vikings offered Neil O'Donnell $2.2 million for two years to back up Daunte Culpepper. He opted out. He's unemployed today, having been cut by the Titans. Here's hoping he finds another $1 million a year job to do little to nothing.
* As reported last week, all seven of the Vikings draft picks survived the final cutdown.

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