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Stefon Diggs is doubtful, but thinks he can play and still wants 1,000 yards

Stefon Diggs is officially listed as doubtful, despite him thinking he could play and wanting to hit 1,000 yards. But the doubtful designation doesn’t give him much hope based on this year’s injury reports.

Stefon Diggs didn’t practice on Friday, but still said he believed he would be able play before officially being listed as doubtful on the injury report.

He has been dealing with a hip injury for the last two weeks and been able to play, but he was struggling just to walk on Monday.

“I’ve had it for the last couple weeks. I’ve just been playing,” Diggs said. “I think I can still go.

“I don’t feel too bad.”

If he does, it would break the pattern of doubtful designations for the Minnesota Vikings. Prior to this week, the Vikings have listed five different players as doubtful this year; in all five instances, they didn’t play, including Diggs being designated as doubtful with a groin injury prior to the Houston Texans game on Oct. 9.

This week, however, he has the added incentive of trying to become a 1,000-yard receiver for the first time in his two-year career. He is the Vikings’ leading receiver with 84 catches and has 903 yards receiving, but Adam Thielen passed him for the yardage lead last week and now has 960 yards.

The Vikings haven’t had a 1,000-yard receiver since 2009 (Sidney Rice).

“Of course I want it. You know I love the game of football,” Diggs said of the 1,000-yard milestone. “I hope I can get as close as I can to it. If I hit, I’ll hit it. If I don’t, you know I’ll be back next year.”

The last time the Vikings played the Chicago Bears, Diggs had eight catches for 76 yards, including a 25-yard touchdown. But he believes the Vikings offense can be better against them this time around.

“They threw a couple wrinkles at us when we played them. I think this game we’ll handle them better and do everything we’ve got to do to get them a win,” he said, offering a little insight on what happened in that 20-10 loss in Soldier Field on Halloween.

“Just mixing it up a little bit on the back end, what defenses are supposed to do – throw a wrinkle at you and see how you handle it. Last time we didn’t handle it as well, especially on the outside as far as doing different things and adjusting what we need to do. I think this game we’ll be fine.”

While Diggs was clearly struggling with the hip injury earlier this week and didn’t practice all week, he said it didn’t affect his cutting ability.

“I don’t think it affected me at all. Last game, my job, I just catch the balls that are thrown and do my best,” he said. “With the opportunities I get, just trying to make the most of them. That’s all.”

However, in the last month, coming off a knee injury and working through this latest groin injury, Diggs has had his least productive three-game stretch of the season, catching three pass against Jacksonville on Dec. 11, two against Indianapolis the following week and four against Green Bay last Saturday.

For most of the season, Diggs was the most-targeted receiver for quarterback Sam Bradford, but Kyle Rudolph now has 117 passes targeted his way with Diggs now in second place with 112. Rudolph took the lead in that category two weeks ago against Indianapolis, but Diggs echoed the sentiment of many when saying he believes Bradford has had a great year.

“I don’t care what nobody says, he did a great job this year,” Diggs said. “His situation, how many times he had to take one on the chin to make the good pass and all that type of stuff, I think he’s played great. For everybody who thinks otherwise, I’d tell them to go back there and try it.”

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