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Minnesota Vikings fans react socially to Blair Walsh signing

Blair Walsh was largely vilified when he missed a 27-yard field goal for the Minnesota Vikings 13 months ago. Now that he has signed with the Seattle Seahawks, what has the reaction been?

Blair Walsh was public enemy No. 1 among Minnesota Vikings fans 13 months ago when he missed a 27-yard field goal with less than a minute to play in the first round of the 2015 NFL playoffs.

Had Walsh made it, it likely would have meant a 12-10 win for the Vikings over the Seattle Seahawks and the optimists saw a good chance for Minnesota to continue to advance in the postseason. Instead, Walsh was heavily criticized by Vikings fans for what appeared to be a mental block that sent his last-minute attempt wide left.

The Vikings stuck by Walsh throughout last offseason and into the 2016 season before finally cutting ties with him after he missed four field goals and four extra points, releasing him on Nov. 15 and signing Kai Forbath.

Walsh sat out the rest of the 2016 before the Seahawks went full-tilt irony and signed him Thursday. The reaction in the roughly 24 hours since that move was announced has been a mixture of wounds that have reopened for Vikings fans and support from others. Fans took to social media to give their reaction.

One of the most popular tweets was a fake picture of Walsh signing his Seattle contract to the left of where his signature should have appeared.

There was also an awful lot of reaction when NFL Deutschland tweeted out the news of his signing.

Seahawks fans were generally welcoming, although some clearly had to eat their words. One Seattle fan had posted a video after the Seahawks playoff win over the Vikings thanking Walsh for the win. Now he will have to hope Walsh can recover and give the Seahawks some wins as a paid member of the team.

Others weren’t quite as vile or direct in their reaction as the tweet we declined to use from the Seahawks fan, but there is a mix of leftover angst and support.

A different Blair Walsh even got mixed into the social exchanges of the ever-popular NFL. It was interesting, however, that the “other” Blair Walsh would describe it as unfortunate he is not the kicking Blair Walsh. We wonder if kicker Blair Walsh feels fortunate to be under the spotlight again.


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