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Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer has two more eye surgeries scheduled

Mike Zimmer will have an operation in mid-April, then another one in two months to correct his still-blurry vision. But what about his good eye?

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer isn’t just scheduled for one more surgery on his right eye, but at least two more. And the issue could pop up in his left eye at some point in the future.

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Zimmer will have another procedure in mid-April to correct a detached retina and then what he hopes is the final surgery, this one a cataracts procedure, to correct the vision in his right eye.

“[The doctor] said after this next surgery I’ll have 50 percent better vision and then hopefully after the cataract it can get [fully healed],” he said.

Zimmer said in November that he scratched his eye during a game against the Chicago Bears, but he said on Thursday during a session with reporters that his vision in the right eye was starting to be affected the night before that game and had a doctor look at it then.

“It’s probably a good thing that it happened,” he said.

He had four procedures over the final two months of the football season, but missed only one game when he needed emergency surgery the night before a Thursday night game against the Dallas Cowboys on Dec. 1.

He said the vision in the right eye right now is such that he can “kind of” make out a reporter that was sitting a few feet away.

But even after his second surgery of the year this summer, the issue could arise again in his left eye.

“There’s a high likelihood that it could happen with the other eye once it happens with one eye,” he said. “But there’s nothing I could have done differently.”

After his April surgery, Zimmer can’t fly for three weeks because he will have an oxygen bubble in his eye. Because of that travel restriction, he is holding off until the bulk of pro days for scouting college players are done.

While he says the eye issue hasn’t affected his duties during the offseason, he has had to make an adjustment in his hunting.

“I’m learning to shoot left-handed,” he quipped. “I’m getting pretty good, too.”

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