Do Vikes Have Favre's Number?

Much has been made of the alleged feud between Brett Favre and Chris Hovan, but do the Vikings defenders finally have Favre's number -- even at fabled Lambeau Field?

The numbers Brett Favre has posted -- whether in terms of touchdowns or winning percentage -- are all impressive, especially at Lambeau Field.

But, despite winning eight of the last nine meetings with the Vikings at Lambeau, Favre's numbers have dropped off considerably. For the first half of his career, seeing Minnesota come to town was like Christmas -- regardless of the time of year. That has changed.

In his first five starts at home vs. the Vikings, Favre lit up the Minnesota defense for 15 touchdowns. In the last five home starts, he has thrown just five TDs. And that hasn't been against very good defenses.

It would seem the Vikings have ratcheted up their emotion a notch when it comes to Favre at Lambeau. While he has still won every game in the last decade with the exception of the Vikings' momentous 1998 season, he isn't dominating the Vikings anymore. While it hasn't translated into wins yet, it's a good sign that an upset could be in the offing today.

* Favre will continue his record-setting streak of consecutive starts today. Want to win a bar trivia bet? When was the last time Favre didn't start a game? The answer: Sept. 6, 1992 at Lambeau in the season-opener against the Vikings. The Vikes won that game 23-20 in overtime and Favre has started every Packers game ever since.
* Kevin Williams will get a Vikings rarity -- a chance to start in his first game as a rookie. Fellow linemate Chris Hovan didn't get to do that in 2000 and even Randy Moss didn't get the opportunity in 1998.
* Packers offensive lineman Chad Clifton will be starting his first game since a blatant cheap shot by Warren Sapp last year almost killed him.
* In a strange trend, seven teams -- the Falcons, Dolphins, Bills, Broncos, Colts, Chargers and Redskins -- have just two QBs on their active roster. Perhaps if Jeff George and Neil O'Donnell had been aware that trend was coming, one of them and not Gus Frerotte would be on the Vikings sideline this afternoon.

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