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Minnesota Vikings’ Super Bowl odds more than doubled

The Minnesota Vikings hope they improved with their biggest moves in free agency, but Las Vegas disagrees.

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While opinions vary on how much the Minnesota Vikings improved – if at all – after their biggest free agent gains and losses, Las Vegas seems to believe the Vikings have lost ground since Super Bowl 51 concluded.

After the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in February, the gambling site gave the Vikings 16/1 odds to win Super Bowl 52, which will be played at U.S. Bank Stadium next February. Now however, with the biggest moves in free agency in the rear-view mirror, the Vikings were given 33/1 odds to win next year’s Super Bowl.

The updated odds came out after the Vikings had signed running back Latavius Murray, so perhaps Vegas was banking on Adrian Peterson returning, or maybe the oddsmakers for Bovada just weren’t that impressed with the free-agent signings of Riley Reiff and Mike Remmers on the offensive line.

Either way, the Vikings had the sharpest decline in odds to win Super Bowl 52 after a week of free-agent moves were made. The Vikings went from tied for the sixth-best odds to now being tied for the 12th-best odds, with the Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals joining them at 33/1.

The New England Patriots improved their position as the favorites, going from 5/1 to 4/1 to win Super Bowl 52. 

Within the Vikings’ competition in the NFC North, the Green Bay Packers were tied for second at 10/1 odds while the Detroit Lions, who also saw a steep decline in odds (from 40/1 to 66/1) were tied for 23rd. The Chicago Bears were tied for 26th with 100/1 odds.

In all, only six teams improved their odds while 15 had decreased odds. 

In addition to the Patriots, the Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, New York Giants and Tennessee Titans all improved their odds. The Seahawks went from 16/1 to 10/1, joining the Packers and Dallas Cowboys in second place. The Falcons, who lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl, improved from 14/1 to 12/1 odds, the Giants moved from 25/1 to 18/1 and the Titans went from 50/1 to 40/1.

The Cleveland Browns, who were tied at the bottom of the rankings with the San Francisco 49ers in February, now have sole possession of the longest odds after moving from 150/1 odds in February to 200/1, despite upgrading their offensive line in free agency.


Team February Odds March Odds
New England Patriots 5/1 4/1
Dallas Cowboys 9/1 10/1
Green Bay Packers 9/1  10/1
Seattle Seahawks 16/1  10/1
Atlanta Falcons 14/1  12/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1  14/1
Denver Broncos 16/1  16/1
Oakland Raiders 16/1  16/1
Houston Texans 40/1 16/1
New York Giants 25/1 18/1
Kansas City Chiefs 25/1  25/1
Minnesota Vikings 16/1  33/1
Carolina Panthers 25/1  33/1
Indianapolis Colts 25/1  33/1
Arizona Cardinals 33/1  33/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 33/1  40/1
Baltimore Ravens 40/1  40/1
Tennessee Titans 50/1  40/1
Cincinnati Bengals 50/1  50/1
Miami Dolphins 50/1  50/1
Philadelphia Eagles 50/1  50/1
Washington Redskins 50/1  50/1
Detroit Lions 40/1  66/1
New Orleans Saints 50/1  66/1
Los Angeles Chargers 66/1  66/1
Buffalo Bills 66/1  100/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 66/1 100/1
Chicago Bears 100/1  100/1
Los Angeles Rams 75/1  150/1
New York Jets 75/1  150/1
San Francisco 49ers 150/1 150/1
Cleveland Browns 150/1 200/1

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