Video surfaces appearing to show Teddy Bridgewater throwing again

Teddy Bridgewater gave the appearance he is throwing on land again, but Mike Zimmer's words on Monday painted a different picture.

Videos and photos of Teddy Bridgewater continue to pop up on social media, giving the indication his recovery is progressing nicely, but questions remain, especially put in context of statements on Monday about the status of the Minnesota Vikings quarterback.

The latest came Tuesday with a video that Bridgewater posted on his Instragram story. The video doesn’t show Bridgewater’s face, but it sure appears to be him – with a brace on his left knee, two white gloves and all – throwing a ball. If that is the current status of quarterback’s recovery from surgery to repair multiple torn ligaments, including the anterior cruciate ligament, and other damage in his knee, it would be a sign of great progress.

Last month, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said Bridgewater wasn’t doing any “football activities,” but on Monday night he gave a general update on Bridgewater’s status during an interview with SiriusXM. Even then, Zimmer said that Bridgewater was doing “non-bearing stuff,” insinuating that Bridgewater wasn’t putting any pressure on his leg yet, especially trying to throw a football.

“The big thing for Teddy is he’s got to keep progressing to where he’s going. He’s been doing a great job in the rehab. He was in last week doing a good job and these [trainers] will get him back and get him ready to go,” Zimmer told SiriusXM. “I honestly don’t know when; no one really knows. He had a great doctor, Dr. Cooper down in Dallas, he’s done phenomenal work so we’re anticipating getting him back at some point. We just don’t know when.

“He’s running in the pool right now. I lot of those non-bearing stuff he’s doing.”

So the question now becomes if what was posted Tuesday is a current video of Bridgewater throwing and, if so, whether the Vikings were aware of that before the video was posted.

In other words, the questions continue to linger on what to believe about Bridgewater’s true status.

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