Where do Minnesota Vikings rank in strength of schedule?

The Minnesota Vikings had their complete 2017 schedule revealed on Thursday, but their strength of schedule is the easiest of the four NFC North teams.

Although the Minnesota Vikings have some things to dislike about their 2017 schedule, like finishing with only two homes in their last six, overall they can’t complain too much.

Their closing stretch only has that many road games because their opening stretch includes five of the first seven games at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Their bye week comes right in the middle of the season after traveling to London to play the Cleveland Browns. And the Vikings don’t have to “waste” a home game playing in London this time around.

But the Vikings also have one of the easiest schedules – or at least the opponents played – in the NFL. They are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for 27th place when it comes to the toughest strength of schedule. Their opponents in 2017 had a combined winning percentage of .453 in 2016.


Of course, that can be fool’s gold when predicting how things will go from one year to the next, but at least they aren’t in the AFC West, where three of the four hardest schedules reside.

The Denver Broncos have the toughest schedule in the league, based on opponents’ winning percentage in 2016, at .578. The Kansas City Chiefs are second at .576 and the Oakland Raiders are fourth at .564.

When it comes to the NFC North, the Vikings have the easiest strength of schedule, but the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions are all clustered in a five-team pack, and they each have a composite schedule in which their opponents finished with a combine winning percentage below .500 in 2016.

Green Bay is ranked 18th for strength of schedule at .480, followed by Chicago (19th) at .479 and Detroit (tied for 21st) at .469.

As the playoffs prove every year, new teams rise up and others fall from one year to the next, but if 2017 plays out much like it did in 2016 for Minnesota’s opponents, the Vikings have one of the easier strength of schedules in the NFL.

2017 NFL Strength of Schedule

1. Denver Browns .578
2. Kansas City Chiefs .576
3. Los Angeles Chargers .568
4. Oakland Raiders .564
5. Buffalo Bills .561
6. Miami Dolphins .547
7. Washington Redskins .543
8t. New York Giants .535
8t. New York Jets .535
10t. Dallas Cowboys .531
10t. Philadelphia Eagles .531
12. New England Patriots .527
13. Atlanta Falcons .521
14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers .518
15. New Orleans Saints .510
16. Carolina Panthers .504
17. Los Angeles Rams .482
18. Green Bay Packers .480
19. Chicago Bears .479
20. San Francisco 49ers .475
21t. Detroit Lions .469
21t. Cleveland Browns .469
23. Arizona Cardinals .467
24. Baltimore Ravens .461
25t. Seattle Seahawks .461
25t. Houston Texans .455
27t. Pittsburgh Steelers .453
27t. Minnesota Vikings .453
29. Cincinnati Bengals .449
30t. Tennessee Titans .439
30t. Jacksonville Jaguars .439
32. Indianapolis Colts .424

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