Where did Minnesota Vikings defenders rank at Combine?

The Minnesota Vikings invested five of their 11 draft picks on the defensive side of the ball, including their final three picks. Where did the defensive draftees rank in their position group at the NFL Scouting Combine?

With three of the five defensive players the Minnesota Vikings drafted coming in the seventh round, the likelihood of them dominating their respective positions at the NFL Scouting Combine isn’t good.

One of those final three defensive picks, linebacker Elijah Lee, wasn’t even invited to the Combine, but defensive end Ifeadi Odenigbo and defensive back Jack Tocho were mostly middle of the line or better compared to the other Combine participants at their respective positions.

With 58 defensive linemen competing at the Combine, Odenigbo tied for fourth in hand size (10½ inches) but was tied for 44th in arm length (32-5/8 inches). But he did well in most of the other timed and jumping events, finishing 21st in the three-cone drill and top 20 in the other events, including tying for second in the broad jump at 10-foot-8.


Tocho was one of the last players drafted, but, despite 60 defensive backs participating at the Combine, he was top half in nearly every event – the one exception being the 40-yard dash, where his 4.54-second run ranked 32nd among his position group. His 10-yard dash of 1.58, however, tied for fourth and he registered an impressive 21 reps of the 225-pound bench press, taking second there. 

To put that in perspective, it was two more reps than the Vikings’ fourth-round defensive tackle, Jaleel Johnson, put up.

By Combine measurables alone, Johnson didn’t fare well. His 316-pound frame tied for third-heaviest among the 58 defensive linemen participating in Indianapolis, and his 33¼-inch arms were tied for 28th. The rest of his measurables were in the bottom half of his peer group.

Ben Gedeon (video above), the fourth-round linebacker for the Vikings, did much better in Indianapolis. Of the 29 linebackers at the NFL Combine, Gedeon’s worst ranking was 17th with a 4.75-second 40-yard dash. He registered top 10 in several other categories, including a position-best 27 reps on bench press, tying for first place in the 20-yard shuttle (4.13) and third in the 60-yard shuttle (11.58).

The tape should always be the most important factor in determining a prospect’s chances in the NFL, but the Vikings’ five defensive picks – two in the fourth round, three in the seventh round – had mixed results at the Scouting Combine. 

Johnson, Jaleel DT 6025 316 33 1/4 9 5/8 5.38 1.92
Rank t38 t3 t28 t38 t49 44 58
Gedeon, Ben LB 6016 244 32 5/8 10 4.75 1.68
Rank 15 7 9 t6 17 29
Odenigbo, Ifeadi DE 6030 258 32 5/8 10 1/2 4.72 1.66
Rank t27 43 t44 t4 12 t17 58
Lee, Elijah LB
Tocho, Jack DC 6002 202 31 5/8 9 3/8 4.54 1.58
Rank t29 t26 t32 t22 t32 t4 60

Johnson, Jaleel DT 19 28.0 8'4" 4.62
Rank t42 t41 49 t36 58
Gedeon, Ben LB 27 34.5 9'11" 4.13
Rank 1 t7 12 t1 29
Odenigbo, Ifeadi DE 25 31.5 10'8" 4.40
Rank t13 t19 t2 t17 58
Lee, Elijah LB
Tocho, Jack DC 21 35.0 10'5" DNP
Rank 2 t17 t12

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