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Former Minnesota Vikings tackle has airline issues

Heading into a holiday weekend known more for driving than flying, former Minnesota Vikings tackle Jake Long and his pregnant wife ran into an obstacle allegedly in the not-so-friendly skies.

Former Minnesota Vikings Jake Long is the latest to have a run-in with airline employees, as flight attendants apparently went on a power trip with Long and his pregnant wife.

The incident starting Thursday as Long and his wife Jackie were trying to board an American Airline flight – the day after Long had the 17th surgery of his football career (he announced his retirement earlier this offseason). Complicating matters was that Jackie Long is, in her words, “super pregnant.”

Apparently, with Long on crutches attempting to get on the plane, the couple brought two carry-on bags and one of them was refused on board. When the Longs attempted to speak to the flight attendants about the initial dust-up, they were warned they will be thrown off the plane.

Things got uglier as time went by. When Jake took to Twitter, his comments were more succinct and to the point.

“Seriously…Go to Hell @AmericanAir. You have lost two loyal customers because of your terrible flight attendants on a power trip,” Long tweeted.

He backed it up shortly thereafter saying that his problems didn’t end simply with the flight.

“@AmericanAir great customer service cont. after when I need a wheelchair ‘cause I got cut open yesterday and they didn’t get me one.”

At a time when airlines and their policies of treating passengers has been an Internet sensation – from the infamous United Scott Sterling evacuation of a passenger to the numerous lesser imbroglios that have happened since – we’ve reached a point where the phrase “Do you know who I am?” no longer has the cache that time had honored.

On a Thursday American flight, Long got no special treatment. In fact, if his social media version of it is correct, he got the treatment nobody, especially someone coming off surgery, would want.

Get your litigious popcorn ready.

Last time we checked, Jake Long was kind of big deal. Throw in hours – not days or months – removed from surgery and a “super pregnant” wife?

God bless America. American Airlines? Not so fast, my friend.

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