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Report: Minnesota Vikings WR Michael Floyd in trouble again

The Minnesota Vikings gave WR Michael Floyd another chance, but he reportedly has tested positive for alcohol once again.

The Minnesota Vikings were willing to offer Michael Floyd another chance in the NFL, signing him before the start of organized team activities last month.

But the receiver and Minnesota native who was arrested last December in Arizona for DUI is now reportedly facing further discipline after his alcohol monitoring device was flagged five times during June 11 and 12, according to TMZ, citing a representative for the Scottsdale City Court. Floyd is still under house arrest from his sentence in Arizona that was transferred to Minnesota. He has a hearing scheduled for June 26 in Scottsdale (Ariz.) City Court to explain the positive test results.

The Vikings released a statement on Friday saying they “are aware of the situation involving Michael Floyd and are looking into the matter. We are still gathering facts and will withhold any further comment at this time.”

A condition of Floyd’s sentence was that he was to refrain from any alcohol. If the court finds him in violation of his sentencing, he could face additional jail time.

He has been living with tight end Kyle Rudolph, a teammate of Floyd’s at Notre Dame, while the Vikings held organized team activities and minicamp. 

“I’m just here as a friend. That’s somebody I’ve known since we were 16 years old. If he needs anything, including a place to stay, he knows he has it,” Rudolph said of Floyd staying with him earlier this month. “He’s kind of taken advantage of that opportunity and I know he’s excited to be here back at home.”

But Floyd’s trouble with alcohol has apparently reared its head again.

He was arrested for DUI at Notre Dame, and in his December arrest in Arizona, he was asleep at the wheel. His latest legal trouble could cost him his job with the Vikings.

According to TMZ, “Floyd blamed the positive tests on Kombucha – a fermented tea that contains a very low amount of alcohol. Typically, Kombucha contains equal or less alcohol than a non-alcoholic beer.” But, TMZ reports that his latest tests came back with a blood-alcohol level between .044 and .055.

The Vikings talked with Rudolph and another college teammate of Floyd, Harrison Smith, before signing the former Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots receiver.

“Obviously they’re going to do their homework, having Harrison and myself here – two people that know him really well and know that he is a good kid,” Rudolph said earlier this month. “We all make mistakes. It’s about what we do after.”

The Vikings signed Floyd to a one-year, $1.394 million contract with no money guaranteed.

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