Lurtsema's Reaction: Still A Division Win

Some will call Sunday night's win ugly, but there were plenty of good things and improvements that the Vikings made to beat a division rival.

The Chicago Bears are a bad football team, according to most NFL fans. Now that I've made that statement after a big win, I must say that I agree with them to some degree while at the same time taking nothing away from this North Division rivalry win.

This 2003 edition of the Minnesota Vikings is rapidly coming together as a complete offensive and defensive unit playing very well together. Take the defense. Greg Biekert is definitely the field general out there. While this is only his second year with the Vikings, he's still an 11-year NFL veteran. The old man even did a summersault after his sack Sunday night, and I must say he did it rather well. Chuckling to him as I asked him why he did it, he mentioned that his three daughters had asked him to do that if he made a big play, whether it was a sack or an interception. Not only is he a great linebacker, but a cool dad as well. This year the defensive coaches definitely have the linebackers, defensive line and defensive backs on the same page, believing in each other and executing it to perfection.

On offense, how about my man "All-Pro" Moe Williams having 21 rushes for 108 yards, four catches for 50 yards and two special teams tackles? But that's nothing. All-Pro Moe was by far the best blocking back that I've seen in quite a while, using textbook techniques, especially on Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Now get this: As a team, the Vikings had only three penalties. That hasn't happened in quite a while. And they had a 64 percent third-down conversion rating while rolling up more than 200 rushing yards. But now the best of all — clock management. I have been critical the last few years about their clock management, but in the fourth quarter the Vikings executed a 9:42 drive, going 93 yards and making the Chicago Bears use up two of their precious timeouts. Drives like that win football games, no matter how good or bad a team may be. Yes, the Bears might be bad, but anytime your team beats a rival in the NFL by playing the way the Vikings did Sunday night, it proves that your team deserves to be a legitimate — yes, legitimate — contender to win the NFC North Division and have a chance to compete in the playoffs.

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