Carter's Antics Won't Stand

Vikings coach Dennis Green left little doubt Monday that Cris Carter and Randy Moss have to shut up and play, not lobby and whine on the sidelines.

Apparently there is room for crybabies.

A day after a second humbling loss to a team that likely will only be at a playoff game if they buy tickets, Vikings coach Dennis Green addressed the media Monday to discuss what became the storyline of Sunday's games -- Cris Carter's numerous and vocal sideline tirades.

During Sunday's game, TV cameras picked up several of Moss' shouting jags, ranging from grabbing special teamer Fearon Wright to jawing with Daunte Culpepper, assistant coaches and even Green. In addition, Randy Moss was seen complaining to Culpepper and coaches.

While sideline shouting jags are no stranger to Carter, this time it appeared he went over the line. At some point, leadership ends when someone pushes the issue too hard. Carter was constantly showing up Culpepper and letting all the coaches hear his vocal point of view. Green told VU and the other media that Carter is a competitor, but it was clear that his sideline input wasn't appreciated and likely will have to stop.

* In the second half of the game, Green took over playcalling, a rarity for him. Offensive coordinator Sherm Lewis declined comment on the matter.
* Speaking of declining comment, Culpepper, Moss and Carter again avoided the media Monday after, at the urging of Green, they didn't speak to reporters following Sunday's loss.
* The prognosis on Robert Griffith broken right fibula is a good news, bad news situation. The good news is that it won't require surgery. The bad news is the timetable for his return is six to eight weeks. Because of that, the Vikings are expected to sign former Buffalo safety Henry Jones, perhaps as early as today.

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