5-0? It Looks Easier Than It Is

In sports, you hate to predict a blowout, because, as we've seen many times, there's a reason you play the games. That said, on paper the Vikings look to have the Falcons' number -- in a very big way.

In the days of Denny Green, there was always a stat that seemed to rear its head every year like Punxatawny Phil – nobody was better in and out of bye weeks than the Vikings.

While that hasn't been Mike Tice's mantra, on paper today's Vikings-Falcons matchup looks like a blowout waiting to happen. Consider the following:
* Vikings QBs have an NFL best 116.2 quarterback rating, while allowing the opposition just a rating of 51.5. In contrast, the Falcons have a QB rating of 55.6, while allowing the opposition to post a 98.5 rating. * The Vikings have rushed for 585 yards in four games, while allowing just 364. The Falcons have rushed for just 370 yards, while surrendering 599 yards.
* The Vikings have thrown 10 touchdowns, while allowing just three. The Falcons have given up six passing TDs, while throwing just four.
* The Vikings have a scoring edge of 112-58, while the Falcons have been outscored 100-71.
* The Vikings are averaging 376 yards a game (second only to Dallas in the entire NFL), while allowing just 297 yards. The Falcons are averaging 251 yards a game (better than just Chicago), while allowing 379 yards a game.
* The Vikings lead the NFL in third-down conversions, converting 52 percent of them. The Falcons are last, converting just 22 percent.
* The Vikings defense has 11 interceptions, while the Vikings offense has thrown just one. The Falcons defense has just one interception, while the offense has allowed eight picks.

Whether all the stars align to send the Vikings to their bye week with a 5-0 record, one thing is certain -- they give even casual observers every reason to believe they should blow out the Falcons.

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