Vikes Back In Market For Corner

The shoulder injury that has plagued Robert Tate since the preseason has the Vikings considering other options, including a name that has again started buzzing around Winter Park.

At Viking Update, we have often referred to something called "Greenspeak" -- understanding the coded language Dennis Green uses with the media. While he doesn't always come right out and say it, if you know the code, you get the meaning.

Greenspeak was in force Wednesday as, after hearing the Vikings were looking for available cornerbacks to bring in, namely among that list former All-Pro James Hasty, when asked about the situation with Robert Tate, Green gave a perfect example of Greenspeak.

He said the Vikings were inclined to sit Tate until he showed he wasn't being hindered by the shoulder injury, adding it was clear that he was favoring the injured shoulder in practice, adding that he will have to compensate for the injured shoulder before he will be sent back on the field. Until he is healthy enough to play at 100 percent, the team is looking at all its options.

Translation? The injury is worse than originally thought and Tate may be sidelined longer than originally thought because this particular type of injury takes a long time to heal. In the meantime, the Vikings are looking at bringing in someone from the outside, since the depth at the position is being depleted.

While no plans are imminent to bring Hasty in this week, a veteran contract and the amount a team is liable for against the salary cap as well as guaranteed money will be reduced after a team has completed four games. Prior to the fourth game, a team is on the hook for at least half of a player's salary, regardless of whether he's cut or not. The numbers change dramatically after four games, so look for not only the Vikings, but other teams to sign players following this weekend's games.

* In Tate's absence, the Vikings shifted Kenny Wright from right corner to left corrner and moved rookie Eric Kelly into the starting right corner spot.
* The injury has also shifted Tyrone Carter from safety to the dime back -- typically a corner -- in passing situations.
* On Wednesday's injury report, aside from Tate, the only two Vikings listed were DT Shawn Worthen (toe) and CB Wasswa Serwanga (abdominal strain). Both are listed as probable.
* The Saints injury list could be even more serious, with LB DeShone Myles listed as out and guard Chris Naeole (dislocated finger/knee) and TE Cam Cleeland (hamstring) both listed as questionable.
* As reported yesterday, a final agreement was announced Wednesday to move the Super Bowl back one week, thus reinstating the full playoff schedule for 2001.

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