Lyon Sees Packers' Problems

Defensive tackle Billy Lyon spent more than five years in Green Bay before joining the Vikings this season, and he sees two reasons why the Packers are struggling this year. Naturally he hopes to contribute to their continued struggles for at least one more game.

Billy Lyon isn't kidding when he tells you he's glad he's here and not there.

For the record, here is Minnesota, where the Vikings are excelling. There is Green Bay, where the Packers are mired below .500, having already lost to the Vikings at Lambeau Field.

Naturally, the Vikings' game against the Packers Sunday night is a game Lyon has been looking forward to.

"It's always exciting," said Lyon, a defensive tackle who backs up Chris Hovan. "I spent six years there. I knew all those guys there so that was great when we beat them at Lambeau (on Sept. 7)."

The Packers are struggling so far this season. Lyon knows why.

"They have a lot of injuries so they've lost some depth," he said. "The guys they've brought in this year have been hurt. Joe Johnson is out for the year. They're still performing solidly. I've watched film of them and they're playing good.

"But they're not getting sacks like they have in the past. It's hard when you bring in new faces and they get hurt and your starters start getting hurt."

Even when the Packers are among the NFL's best teams, they struggle against the Vikings at the Metrodome. Green Bay's woes start with Favre, who breaks out in hives when he hears the word "dome."

Favre is 2-9 against the Vikings at the Metrodome.

In his career, Favre has a QB rating of 86.9. But put him indoors? Not so much.

Inside the Metrodome under the Teflon roof of terror, Favre melts down.

Look at his QB ratings in games against the Vikings listed chronologically starting in 1992: 43.4, 49.1, 25.8, 46.1, 85.1, 84.8, 105.4, 52.2, 117.2, 79.3 and 63.7.

In 11 games at the Dome, Favre has thrown 12 touchdowns, 16 interceptions.

"I don't know how you explain how a guy as good as he is — an NFL Hall of Famer — struggles so much in those indoor situations," Lyon said. "In the six years I played there, even when we'd play in Detroit, we'd lose a lot.

I honestly can't recall winning much indoors, whether it was Atlanta, Detroit, New Orleans or Minnesota."

Lyon, who has battled a couple of nagging injuries this season, hopes to be 100 percent healthy on Sunday night against his former team. He says he'll be ready.

But even though he has spent plenty of time on the sidelines, he's been a student of the game as the field serves as his chalkboard.

"You always take mental reps and take every opportunity you can to get better," he said. "I did the same thing when Reggie White was on my team and now I sit back and watch Chris Hovan and see what he's doing."

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