Vikings Reaching Desperation Mode

When he was drafted, many people were calling Michael Bennett the next Robert Smith. Now it looks like the 1-3 Vikings may phase out the run and become one-dimensional on offense to change things around as the season gets back to dire straights.

Dealing with adversity takes many different forms. So does desperation. For a coach who has faced a lot of adversity, but rarely desperation, Dennis Green is treading some new ground.
After falling to 1-3 Sunday, the Vikings are facing desperate times and Green has indicated the Vikings teams the Lions, Packers and Bucs see the next three weeks before the bye week may be a very different team than the one they've seen so far this season.
Frustrated with the lack of a running game, Green told VU and other assembled media Monday that the Vikings might abandon the run altogether since the team's offensive struggles have been pointed directly at the running game. If Green adopts that philsophy, it may help to have the Lions coming town. Last night the Rams threw 16 straight passes to build an early 14-0 lead much in the same way the Vikings have using the passing game -- short, controlled passes spread around to a variety of receivers.
This inkling that the Vikings may revert to a pass first, second and third team came as a surprise to those who felt the Vikings would need to mix in the run more to get an offensive rhythm, but, when the Vikings have the most successful on offense it has been when they come out passing and continue to throw the ball.
Green also indicated that the Vikings may change their defensive scheme to include more blitzing. So let's review -- alter the offense, alter the defense, try to improve special teams. This sounds like the word of a coach in desperation mode and Green may fit that bill now.
* The Vikings are hoping to have some better injury news next week. Guard Corbin Lacina, who left Sunday's game with a sprained ankle, says he intends to be in the starting lineup Sunday. If he can't go Everett Lindsay will take his place. In other news, Robert Tate resumed practicing Monday and hopes to return to the lineup against the Lions. One of the reasons Tate was removed from the lineup last Sunday was because, with the nerve damage in his shoulder, the team was concerned he wouldn't be able to handle a bruiser like Ricky Williams. It doesn't help to have the Lions next, since James Stewart poses some of the same problems. * The Lions are still a huge question at quarterback. Ty Detmer completed 15 of 17 passes last night, but one completion was to the Rams' Dre Bly and turned into a 93-yard touchdown for the Rams. Charlie Batch came in during the second half and completed most of his passes, but threw another interception deep in Rams territory, leaving to some speculation that the desperate Lions may have to give Jeff George a call, but don't put too much stock in that. George likely doesn't want to go to another West Coast Offense.
* How bad are things in Detroit? Late in last night's game, Lions fans -- many wearing paper bags on their heads -- began chanting "Let's Go, Red Wings" (Detroit's successful hockey team). * The chickens have truly come home to roost. After years of accusations from other teams about the Vikings placing speakers facing the opponent's bench, the Saints put speakers on both sides of the Vikings bench and blared music into the bench area, making it impossible for Daunte Culpepper to hear calls even inside his helmet. The Vikings are reportedly looking at filing a grievance with the league, which is a bit ironic since the Vikes have used artificial noise like extremely loud versions of Guns-n-Roses and AC/DC songs between plays to make it difficult for other teams to hear in the Metrodome.

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