Where Now?

As yet another has-been QB looks great vs. the Vikings, the cards are still in their favor -- even if the schedule isn't.

The thought of divisional tie-breakers hadn't been an issue all year for the Vikings until now. Even after losing to the Packers, the Vikes still had a two-game lead heading out West.

Two weeks and two losses later, the Vikings are still in control of their own destiny, but barely.

As it stands now, the Vikings and Packers would go to a third tie-breaker at this point, since they split head to head and both are 3-1 in the NFC North. The third tie-breaker is common games and, as it stands, the Vikings hold a 5-3 record, compared to the Packers' 4-4. But, that can be misleading.

That won't be a tie-breaker in the end, since the two teams play just two games different in the common opponents category and, with Sunday's win by Green Bay, the Packers and Vikings are both 1-1 vs. their two non-common opponents.

What could become critical is conference record -- the fourth tie-breaker. The Vikings are 5-2 in the NFC, while the Packers are 4-4. While the Vikes have the more difficult closing schedule, a win over Arizona -- a team the Pack lost to earlier this year -- could be the lynch-pin game.

Whether it comes down to that or not may have to wait until after Christmas to decide, but one thing is for certain -- the division race is on.

* Randy Moss made a 5-yard reception in the first quarter Sunday, making him the first player ever to top 1,000 yards receiving in his first six seasons.
* Moss' second catch came in the second quarter and put him into third place all-time on the Vikings' receiving list. He passed Anthony Carter, who finished with 478 receptions as a Viking. Moss now has 481 -- 17 behind Steve Jordan for No. 2 all-time.
* The Vikings offense was inside Oakland territory on each of its first four possessions Sunday and came away with three points.
* Before completing a pass with 1:07 to play in the third quarter, the Raiders had thrown just four passes all game.
* Jerry Rice got a reception in the fourth quarter to keep his consecutive games streak alive at 266.
* Daunte Culpepper's 396 passing yards was a personal career high.
* In their first seven games, the Vikings had six turnovers on offense. They had six in Sunday's game alone.
* Kelly Campbell had the first 100-yard game of his career. Of his 14 catches this year, five have been for 40 or more yards.

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