Wong's Answers To Your Questions

I would like to have your personal perspective on the difference between the team's preparation for the Bucs game versus the two previous losses.
— 69vikefan
Wong says: Really, in terms of preparation, it was the same. We have a schedule that we basically keep and a routine that we go through every week, no matter who we are playing. In terms of preparation, I thought we worked hard, like we work every week. As you are preparing all week, you prepare the same way. Basically your test is on game day.

You guys are looking better and better each week. I am very happy with this defense this year. I noticed you seemed very busy (against Tampa Bay) Were they making your job busier or was this the result of maybe taking it up a notch. Whatever it was, I saw that you guys seem to really stiffen in the red zone.
— Lugosi2002
Wong says: It's really the same type of stuff. Sometimes there are a lot of plays that you have the opportunity to make, and other times you get into teams that like to do other things. Tampa Bay gave me a little bit more of an opportunity to come up, because they were throwing a lot of checkdowns and I had an opportunity to come up and make those tackles. (In the red zone) we have a different defense, and the reason why is because there is less field to cover. So we do some different things that we couldn't do out on the (open) field. It's just not possible to. The smaller area just makes it tougher for offenses to score.

Are there any athletes (current or retired, from any sport) that you admire? If so, who and why?
— Ametrine
Wong says: There are quite a few athletes that I admire. I think probably the No. 1 guy that comes to mind is Walter Payton and the way he played. There are a lot of people who played amazingly, but Walter Payton, the pro attitude he took, in terms of he went out no matter what it took, what his Bears team record was. He went out and played 100 percent and gave everything he got to gain every possible yard and held up for a long time. So I think he's my No. 1 role model in that way.

Does Patrick Chukwurah practicing at defensive end and the call-up of Antonio Wilson signal that Patrick is done at linebacker and Lemanski Hall will be the starter for quite some time yet?
— vikingspub
Wong says: Maybe for now. I don't know exactly what's going on with that, but I do know that he's (Chukwurah) obviously an excellent pass rusher. So we're just trying to give him an opportunity to focus a little bit more on it and try to be able to use his quickness to get the sack. This is (Antonio's) second year now, but I think immediately he's going to come in and contribute. If you've ever watched him in practice, he does a very good job. He understands the system and he's ready to play.

First, I wanted to say you guys are definitely getting better as time goes on. And if the truth be known, I think without a doubt we could have won both against Carolina and Chicago. But that is the past and dwelling on it won't change it. What I really wanted to know is, even though the Metrodome is turf, what would you personally as a player rather play on, and do you buy into the statistics that say more injuries occur on turf than grass? Obviously the facts don't lie, but how do you feel about that? Thanks, and good luck this season, as always!
— Lugosi2002
Wong says: You know, it's funny, because sometimes it depends on what kind of grass and what kind of turf. When Carolina played at home (against Green Bay), there is a situation where their grass field was far worse than a turf field. It just kind of depends on the situation and how it is maintained. I personally don't have a problem. I like playing on turf, but I also enjoy playing on grass. It really doesn't make a difference to me. You are much faster on turf, a lot more get-off, a lot more speed. That is a big advantage when you get a quick team on turf.

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