Green Stays Bold, Confident

On the record, Dennis Green is usually pretty reserved in what he tells the media, but he stepped outside his usual routine this week on national radio.

Vikings coach Dennis Green is usually very business-like when addressing the Twin Cities media, but that is not the case when he goes on Tony Bruno's morning show each Wednesday on Fox Sports Radio. This week, Green was about as candid as a coach can be when asked about his team's slow start.

Green said Michael Bennett would end up with 1,000 yards, Randy Moss would have 17 touchdown receptions and Daunte Culpepper would finish in the top three in yardage in the league.

"Now, all the Vikings listeners write it down and quit your damn worrying and let me go about coaching the football team," Green said on the syndicated show. "The bottom line is we played certain people, and it didn't go so well. You can't run the ball 11 times (like the Vikings did against the Saints) and win a ballgame. It just doesn't work that way.

"But circumstances made that happen. We see that. It's clear to us, but we still feel very strongly about what it takes for us. We know how to win. We want to run the ball more and we think Michael Bennett is a fabulous back. But you've got to get those circumstances right and we've been making too many mistakes. We have got to eliminate the mistakes, we have got to eliminate the penalties, we've got to get back on down and distance situations like we did against Tampa. We have played one game out of four. Now it's time to start playing four out of four."

Ready to run
Despite being under heavy pressure most of the day and being sacked six times, Culpepper did not have one rushing attempt against the Saints.

"They did a good job covering the lanes on me," said Culpepper, who has been known to use his 6-4, 260-pound body to run over defenders. "As far me as getting hit early, that doesn't stop me from running. I'm going to run whenever I see an opening."

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