Winning In Chicago Will Be Tough

Fans looking at the records figure the Vikes should be looking toward Kansas City -- assuming a win at Chicago is a given. Not so fast.

The Vikings have had a rough time in Illinois the last couple of years. From the historical perspective, the Denny Green regime died on a September afternoon in 2001 in Chicago. Last year, the Vikings' season took a nosedive at Champaign, Ill., when the Vikes lost to the Bears while they were displaced from their regular digs.

So it should come as no surprise that the Vikings won't be taking the Bears lightly Sunday when they head into hostile territory with a chance to put a stranglehold on a playoff spot.

Coach Mike Tice and all the Vikings players know that the Bears have been a sticking point with the team -- considering the impact of the last two road losses to the Bears franchise.

That said, the Vikings will be looking to re-write recent history and lay the smack down on Chicago as it should be. The Bears aren't a playoff team. The Vikings are. It's time to prove it.

* It will be interesting to see how the Vikings approach George O'Leary's decision to take the Central Florida head coaching job. He will remain with the team throughout the rest of the season, but, with a critical recruiting time approaching, it will be difficult for him to handle both jobs at the same time.
* Both Michael Bennett and Moe Williams will be restricted in practice this week, but both are expected to be ready for Sunday's game.
* The best training camp proposal for the Vikings is coming out of Sioux Falls, but don't expect to see the Vikings go across state borders for training camp next year. VU has been told by very high placed sources that if the Vikings leave the state for training camp, the chances of getting a stadium deal done in the next two Legislative sessions are nonexistent.

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