Jacquet Cut to Make Room for Colinet

After apparently beating the odds by making the team out of training camp, Nate Jacquet became a casualty Tuesday, as he was cut when the Vikings signed Stalin Colinet.

As Troy Walters and Nate Jacquet competed for return man duties during the preseason, one was put in the mind of old West gunfighters and the dialogue they had with local sheriffs -- this town ain't big enough for the two of us.

The feeling at the time was that, with roster spots hard to come by, the odds of keeping both Walters and Jacquet were slim and if either was going to be released, it would be Jacquet.

He confounded that theory, however, by having several huge kick returns that earned him a roster spot, but Tuesday that was forgotten as the Vikings released Jacquet in order to make room on the roster for Stalin Colinet.

Jacquet had been deactivated the last several weeks after suffering a leg injury and Walters had solidified his spot as the team's kickoff and punt returner. It made Jacquet expendible and, when the opportunity came up, so did his number.

As the Vikings desperately try to fix what has ailed the team, it was simply a matter of numbers. Jacquet wasn't playing, so he had to go -- unfortunate for a guy who earned his way on the team but then lost it.

* What is it about former Vikings coming back to play for Denny Green. Chris Doleman did it. Jerry Ball did it. Fernando Smith did it. Andrew Jordan did it. Everett Lindsay did it. Half the secondary did it. And now Colinet. It seems the Vikings tend to do their best scouting on players who once wore the purple and gold when it comes to filling out a roster spot.
* Green Bay's Brett Favre is on pace to throw 39 touchdowns this year, which would be a personal best and likely leave him in line for serious MVP consideration again.
* The Packers have two players -- TE Tyrone Davis and DT Steve Warren -- that remain on the physicially unable to perform list and both aren't expected to return to action until November at the earliest.
* While Doug Chapman is going to get the start Sunday, VU is being told that Travis Prentice is likely to see more duty as the No. 2 back than Chapman did backing up Michael Bennett.

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