I Spy Daunte

The Bears plan to get Brian Urlacher up close and personal with Daunte Culpepper Sunday, using Urlacher as a spy to keep Culpepper in the pocket.

Some coaches have an unnatural fear of certain players. Denny Green, for example, was terrified of Desmond Howard and would never kick a ball in his direction, opting to kick out of bounds if needed.

Bears coach Dick Jauron has a similar fear with Daunte Culpepper. Seeing as you can't kick away from a QB, Jauron is going to tie up his best defensive player to keep Culpepper from scrambling.

Following practice Thursday, the Bears discussed using LB Brian Urlacher as a spy on Culpepper the entire game -- having him give up some of his coverage responsibility to chase Culpepper wherever he goes.

While the Bears aren't the first to employ this strategy, they are the most persistent. The truth is that spies seldom work in NFL situations and Culpepper will be looking to do much more damage with his arm than with his legs Sunday, so we heartily endorse the Bears using Urlacher as a spy all day Sunday.

* The Vikings' practice field was frozen solid by below-zero temperatures Wednesday night and was unable to be used for practice Thursday.
* Michael Bennett sat out another practice Thursday but insisted he'll be good to go Sunday.
* Chris Claiborne was added to the injury report with his strained Achilles. He is listed as probable.
* Randy Moss has seven games with 120 or more yards receiving.
* A judge ruled that the Stringer family, which sued the Vikings over the wrongful death of Korey Stringer, owes the team for its legal expenses to fight the case -- which was eventually thrown out. The total cost could be as much as $47,000.

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