Playoff Scenarios Still Cloudy

Somewhere, Pete Rozelle is smiling as even those teams in the NFC playoffs remain up in the air where and vs. whom they will play.

With one game to go, Vikings fans know this much about the playoffs -- win and you're in. What isn't sure is who the Vikings will play and where it will be played.

Amazingly, the only certainty of the playoffs is that St. Louis will get a bye and Carolina will be a division champ. Other than that, things remain completely up in the air. For example, the Eagles could still earn home field for the playoffs or they could be on the road playing the Vikings in two weeks at the Metrodome.

The scenarios almost boggle the mind. The Vikings could play Dallas, Green Bay, Philly or Seattle at home with a win. With a loss and some help, they could play the Eagles, Panthers or Cowboys on the road. Confused? Welcome to tie-breakers 101.

Considering how well the Vikings have played at home, winning at Arizona would be the best option -- a win that could move the Vikings as high as the No. 3 seed in the playoffs. A loss and things get dicier, as the Vikings would need a loss by either the Packers or Seahawks to make the playoffs as a wild card.

When the NFL created a system to help with parity, something like this was envisioned. It's come to pass and will make the final week of the regular season something to watch indeed.

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