Green Takes Dry Road To 'Zona

Two years after "taking the high road" and leaving Minnesota with $5 million still to be paid by Red McCombs, Denny Green is taking the dry road into Arizona as the Cardinals' new head coach.

For the past couple of months on ESPN News' "Monday Afternoon Quarterback," Denny Green -- now a member of the media he disliked so much -- began to openly lobby for job openings. After Dan Reeves and Jim Fassel were cut loose, Green's analysis centered a lot on what he would do with such situations -- a stance that changed from his own choice to leave (with pay) rather than be fired.

That ended Wednesday when Green agreed to a five-year deal to coach the Arizona Cardinals. Green, who was cut his final check from Red McCombs earlier this month as part of his buyout, deftly waited until Red's obligation was paid in full before making his return to the league.

It will be interesting to see if Green's attitude toward the media has changed since becoming a member of that hated fraternity itself. One thing won't change -- it won't take long for the same three columnists in the Twin Cities who hated Green and, to varying levels of skill blasted him at every turn, to get their new licks in. For them, it's a good day. For the Cardinals? Only time will tell.

* Mike Tice was prepared to offer Ted Cottrell a contract immediately Wednesday, but, while an offer is on the table, it may take until the end of the week to get a decision. VU has been told that the Steelers and Chargers are both interested in Cottrell and had set up interviews before he came to Winter Park to meet with Tice.
* A decision is expected this week on the Vikings' training camp site, and Mankato is once again being viewed as the frontrunner. After allowing Mankato to alter its proposal -- only in the NFL can final bids on a project be changed after the fact -- earlier this week, it looks as though the Vikings will remain in Mankato for training camp. VU is being told the real reason for trying to get Mankato to sweeten its offer is that McCombs and top Vikings officials fear the backlash of rural Legislators who would use moving the training camp to South Dakota as reason enough not to vote for a new stadium.

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