Will Moss Snub Pro Bowl?

With the NFC Pro Bowl team already without WR Terrell Owens, some of the league suits are wondering if Randy Moss will blow off the NFL all-star classic again.

Much like the way Dennis Green always blew off his year-ending press conference when his team lost to close out the season, Randy Moss has left the media and the NFL guessing and wondering.

The latest question being thrown around the league office is whether Moss will commit to playing in the Pro Bowl.

The NFC team is already a bit shorthanded on offense with Terrell Owens out of the game with a broken collarbone, and the league is hoping Moss will make the trip to add some marquee value to the roster. But that may be easier said than done.

During his early years in the NFL, Moss set Pro Bowl records and cemented his place among the best wide receivers in the game. Following accusations that he was taking plays off and only played at full steam when he wanted to, the backlash came in 2001 when he was omitted from the Pro Bowl roster.

Moss took the snub personally, much in the same way he did on draft day when he vowed revenge against the teams that passed him over. When Moss was named to the Pro Bowl team last year, he made no bones very early that he wasn't going to play. Will the same happen this year?

While there has been no official word, VU has heard rumblings that Moss is leaning toward bypassing the game once again. For a player of his talent and natural ability, he hasn't become a spokesman with a major endorsement contract. Skipping chances to meet and greet with those sponsors at the Pro Bowl could be one of the reasons. While Moss doesn't need the money, he should be endorsing products like so many other players do. Maybe in time, they will come.

* Ted Cottrell, the Vikings top choice for its vacant defensive coordinator position, is in San Diego today and will likely decide by Monday whether he will accept the Vikings offer of the Chargers offer.
* With Owens out of the picture for the Pro Bowl, the NFL announced Thursday that Bucs WR Keenan McCardell had been added to the roster.
* If things don't work out with Cottrell, the Vikings are interested in Bears DC Greg Blache, who remains under contract despite the firing of head coach Dick Jauron. The Vikings have asked the Bears permission to speak, but the Bears haven't given the Vikes an answer. VU has been told by a Bears source that the organization wants to wait until a new coach is hired to see if he wants to keep Blache or will let him go.

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