Mankato Expected To Keep Vikes

The Vikings are expected to announce their plans for training camp 2004 and we're hearing outside pressures will likely keep the Vikes in Mankato.

Until a couple of months ago, residents of Mankato, Minn., were making plans for the 40th training camp of the Vikings next summer.

Thanks to a proposal from Sioux Falls, S.D., the future of the Vikings and Mankato looked doomed. But, thanks to some political pressure being exerted, VU has been told the Vikings will announce their intention to remain in Mankato for 2004.

Some details remain unsolved, but the decision -- expected a week ago -- is now anticipated to be made Monday, with Mankato announced as the continued training camp home of the Vikings.

While the Sioux Falls proposal was more lucrative -- offering to cover much of the $500,000 cost to the Vikings -- Minnesota politicos including the governor got involved in influence peddling. With the Vikings in the middle of an uphill struggle to get public financing for a new stadium, keeping the training camp in the state had become a must.

No time for the official announcement has been set.

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