Vikings' 2004 Free Agents

In 2003, the Vikings entered the offseason with 14 unrestricted and six restricted free agents, with a number of them considered critical to re-sign. This year, they are in an even better salary-cap situation with fewer signings needed. Here's a look at the Vikings' 2004 activity to date in free agency.

Free Agency 2004
(updated from the start of the free-agent period to the start of training camp in July)


Viking Update ranks its FREE AGENTS with the following guidelines based on our assessment of the players:

= All-Pro quality player, player deserving but league depth at position keeps player back.
= Would start for most teams, elevated growth/fringe All-Pro.
= Starting quality, average to slightly above average player.
= Solid to serviceable player, backup for most teams.
= Roster bubble long-shot, special teams only type contributor, no defined role in position.

Unrestricted Free Agents
Jim Kleinsasser
TE Re-signed for five years, $15 million, including a $4.25 million signing bonus.
Lewis Kelly
OL Re-signed for one year, $455,000.
Fred Robbins
DT Signed with the New York Giants for six years, $20 million, including a $4 million signing bonus.
Cory Withrow
C Re-signed for two years for near the veteran minimum, with a $50,000 signing bonus.
Everett Lindsay
OL Unsigned
Leo Araguz
P Unsigned
Restricted Free Agents
John Avery
RB Unsigned
Eric Kelly
CB Re-signed for one year, $628,000.
Exclusive Rights Free Agents
Brian Russell
S Unsigned

• 4/12/04 -- Released G Joe Gerda.
• 3/30/04 -- Released CB Denard Walker.
• 3/22/04 -- Released TE Hunter Goodwin.
• 3/15/04 -- Released WR D'Wayne Bates and S Jack Brewer.
• 2/24/04 -- Released DE Talance Sawyer.


• 4/26/04 -- Signed rookie free agents LB Gino Capone and WR Omar Jenkins.
• 4/25/04 -- Signed rookie free agents WR Lane Danielsen, WR Blake Elliott, G Anthony Herrera, DT Spencer Johnson, QB Matt Kegel, LS Cullen Loeffler, LB Jeff Mack, S Ben Nauman, K Dan Orner, TE Richard Owens, T Alan Reuber, RB Franklin "Butchie" Wallace, LB Grant Wiley, DT Jeff Womble.
• 3/19/04 -- Signed punter Darren Bennett for two years, $1.9 million.
• 3/19/04 -- Signed tight end Jermaine Wiggins for one year, $600,000, with $150,000 in incentives.
• 3/11/04 -- Signed safety Tyrone Carter for one year, $535,000.
• 3/8/04 -- Signed wide receiver Marcus Robinson for four years, $9.4 million, including a $2 million signing bonus.
• 3/6/04 -- Signed defensive tackle Steve Martin for two years, base salary of $1,325,000.
• 3/5/04 -- Signed cornerback Antoine Winfield for six years, $35 million, including a $10.8 million signing bonus.




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